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Assassin’s Fate UK cover reveal

16 Feb, 2017 filed under: Robin Hobb, England/UK

Finally the long wait is over and Jackie Morris’ cover art for the UK hardcover edition of Assassin’s Fate has been revealed!
You can preorder this book from amazon or book depository. As always, PlentyWiki has information about all the different editions.

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On 8 Mar, 2017 Finella said

Finella’s gravatar

Hi all,
this cover ist absolutely gorgious! But I hesitate to pre-order it at, because it says there, that it has only 400 pages. This must be a mistake. Do you know anything?
Best regards, Christina

On 8 Mar, 2017 Mervi said

Mervi’s gravatar

Hi Finella!
I would imagine that’s some sort of a typo. Curiously, both the UK and the US editions are currently listed as having 864 pages, which is a bit odd as the different editions often have slightly different page counts.

On 9 Mar, 2017 finella said

finella’s gravatar

Hi Mervi,

thanks for your prompt answer. The whole thing is a bit dubious, because the price also differs. The german 400-pages-book is much cheaper than the Edition on Anyhow, I will order the digital version first and then buy the hardcopy for my bookshelf.

On 10 Mar, 2017 Mervi said

Mervi’s gravatar

The UK Kindle edition is also listed as having 400 “pages”, so could be a mix up? The other option could be a split paperback, but as that’s never been done before for Robin’s English editions, I highly doubt it.

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