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French interviews and more

30 Oct, 2007 filed under: Robin Hobb, France

SerpentBlanc has once again sent us great news for French fans.

A french website ActuSf has a series of new intervies: Robin Hobb, Arnaud Mousnier-Lompré (her French translator) and Laurent Sieurac (who is working on the graphic adaptation of the Farseer trilogy). All three are planning to attend the 2008 Imaginales festival in France. (You can use Babelfish to translate the interviews.)

It is also worth to mention that the paperback edition of the final part of the the French Fool’s Fate, Adieux et Retrouvailles, has been out for nearly a month and it’s still in’s top 100 (it’s current placement is #60). It is also number one on’s fantasy paperback sales.

And finally, the cover for the first part of the French translation of Forest Mage, Le Fils Rejeté has been revealed.

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New Liveship covers in the making

30 Oct, 2007 filed under: Robin Hobb, England/UK

Jackie Morris, whose artwork was recently featured in the covers of a UK reprint of the Farseer trilogy, has begun to work on new covers for the Liveship Traders as well. You can see her stunning serpents and dragons right here (just scroll down the page a bit).

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Possible US cover for Renegade’s Magic

18 Oct, 2007 filed under: Robin Hobb, US

This photo was just posted at Robin’s newsgroup. It’s an ARC of the upcoming US edition of Renegade’s Magic. Since this is not a final version of the book, the cover might still change but it does look identical with the previous parts.
Renegade’s Magic is currently set to be released January 8th 2008 in the US. See more RH covers at our book gallery.

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