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A Fantasy Medley and Soldier Sons now available

31 Mar, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb, US

The US mass market paperback edition of Renegade’s Magic is finally available today. Find Renegade’s Magic at There is also a Kindle edition available.
Subterranean press reports they will start shipping A Fantasy Medley this week as well.
And last but note least, the unabridged audio book of Shaman’s Crossing, narrated by John Keating, is now available at where you can also listen to a sample.

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Jackie Morris’ Hobb art at display

30 Mar, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb, England/UK

Tenby Museum and Art Gallery in Wales is currently displaying Jackie Morris’ art, including artwork for the covers of Robin’s the Farseer, Liveship Traders and Tawny Man trilogies. The exhibition runs from 21st of March to 19th April and after that it will be moved to The Cloisters Gallery in St David’s Cathedral where you can see it from May 5th to May 18th. Photos from the exhibition, Jackie’s commentary on how she came to be the illustrator for the new covers, as well as information about purchasing the art can be found here at her site.

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The Rain Wild Chronicles new name for DG

29 Mar, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb, England/UK

Robin’s UK publisher HarperCollins has updated their information page about the two-part Dragon Keeper and now calls the first volume The Rain Wild Chronicles—Dragon Keeper. They also have a new synopsis—but don’t click that link if you don’t want to read spoilers!
Also, the HarperCollins page stills says the UK publication date for this first part is June 25th (and the ISBN 978-0-00-727374-4) so I guess we can ignore the conflicting information about a July publication.
Thanks to Jussi for noticing this!

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A Fantasy Medley soon out of print

22 Mar, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb, US

If you’ve been planning on getting a copy of this anthology that contains Robin’s short story Words Like Coins, you should make an order soon! Subterranean Press reports that they are down to the last couple hundred copies of the trade edition, and the last 35-40 copies of the limited edition. “It will only take a few wholesaler/large online retailer order to take care of the trade edition, and we expect the limited to go out of print about the same time.”
Both editions are hardcovers, the trade edition is a print of 3000 copies, the limited edition is signed and numbered and of 200 copies. Words Like Coins is a story set in the Six Duchies. Published later this month, A Fantasy Medley is available for preorders through as well as from the publisher’s site.

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Join the tangle / 6 years of plenty

20 Mar, 2009 filed under: Site updates

Can you believe it’s already been six years since I uploaded the very first version of the Plenty? Here’s how it looked! In the beginning, it was just a fanlisting with some basic information and small news updates, and even hosted by someone else. But thanks to you, the visitors, the site has grown and changed quite a bit, now has its own domain, and since the wiki and the forum were added I now consider this to be more “ours” than “mine”. :) If you have any ideas about what you’d like to see here in the future, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line!

Talking about the fanlisting that started it all, it’s nearing a 500 members mark (from 41 countries!), and I have just revamped the layout and otherwise polished it a bit. Take a look, and please consider adding your name if you haven’t done so already. :)

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