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A new video interview

16 Jan, 2010 filed under: Robin Hobb

There’s a new Robin Hobb interview at Author Magazine done in December 2009 at the University Book Store. Robin talks about writing and the fantasy genre. No spoilers for any of her books, so it’s worry-free watching! Watch the video here.

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Robin Hobb official website revamped

15 Jan, 2010 filed under: Robin Hobb, Internet

Head over to to check out the new site and all its features!

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Short story news

14 Jan, 2010 filed under: Robin Hobb, England/UK, US

Robin Hobb’s story in Songs of Love and Death is titled Blue Boots. G.R.R. Martin has announced that the anthology has been delivered to the publisher.

The other anthology edited by GRRM, Warriors, will be out in March and is available for preorders. (Warriors US, Warriors UK) It contains a story called The Triumph by Robin.

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