Full Version: *spoilers all books* Dragon Haven, Enjoy it? Hate it?
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Tebasile! Hello! P Slurp Grouphug

I agree with your comments and love how you have connected Paragon with Paragon! Clapping It may seem an obvious connection (for me, it does *now*!! Big Grin ) but, while one is certainly the other's namesake, I'd not thought how that may also be a contributing factor to the actual figurine of the serpentine babe. I merely believed it pointed to the birth of a child to Etta and Kennit and that child's future Elderling status/relationship with dragons. Smiling

I'm so glad you decided to come by!

If you're interested, we had a bit of a discussion about Etta's figurine over on the Others' Island thread as well. Maybe your recent LST re-read may shed some light on other things over there too! The figurine is mentioned around post #54 and...oh, heck...I know we chatted about it more than that! Surrender

Off to search a bit, ignoring the fact that it's a quarter past two in the morning! Sleeping
It is quite certain that it is related to the part about future with both dragons, elderlings and humans. Its possible, but far from certain, that it'll be in relation to Paragon Ludlock, heir of Kennit Ludlock, king of the pirate isles, attaining Elderling status...

There are of course the missing score/dozen wizardwood logs from the last migration... Only the fate of one has been revealed... Maybe some would wash up elsewhere, either gaining life on their own, or finding their own keepers?

oh, and its 0215 here too...
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