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(May-28-2010, 01:35 PM (UTC))Nuytsia Wrote: [ -> ]I guess if dragons can change genders in places (and people can change ages) then anything could happen ..!!

Crikey, I have to go and re-read the RWC during a far less busy time in my life...when did dragons change GENDERS Uhhuh ??!!
Teehee they didn't want to feel inferior when they heard whispers about the Fool...
The silver one suddenly started getting referred to as 'she' in DH and I was like WHAT THE? And then a bit later it went back to 'he'.... and I have a feeling it happened more than once .... at least in my UK edition that's what happened!

This reminds me - another funny bit in DH was when Detzoi said her family was pressuring her to get a 'husband' and I was "d'oh I fell right into the trap of assuming they were both guys!" (sexist me!!!)
Then at the end they join the trend and get together! (yep sooooo shakespeare romantic farce!)

(May-28-2010, 04:15 PM (UTC))Nuytsia Wrote: [ -> ]The silver one suddenly started getting referred to as 'she' in DH and I was like WHAT THE? And then a bit later it went back to 'he'.... and I have a feeling it happened more than once .... at least in my UK edition that's what happened!

I also have the UK versions and remember being a tad confused about the silver...even when I'd made the discovery that it was eventually Spit...maybe that's why! For a while there I'd thought there was a random silver but, as there were only fifteen, there couldn't have been (could there?!).

Gresok was the first to leave so he's not included in the fifiteen count...

1. Arbuc
2. Skrim
3. Kalo
4. Ranculos
5. Veras
6. Dortean
7. Sestican
8. Tinder
9. Heeby
10. Mercor
11. Fente
12. Skymaw/Sintara
13. Baliper
14. Relpda ('copper' for most of the books)
15. Spit ('silver' for most of the books)

I may be wrong though as I haven't spent as much time on RWC as the rest. I will have to go back and have another look, but I do also remember there being quite a few more overall errors/typos in the RWC than usual.

I, too, just assumed that Detozi was a male P.
I think there is a passage where the keepers are talking about the silver as 'she', and Mercor corrects them by saying 'he'.

Small correction: 14. Relpda.
Yes, I remember that now, thanks joost, and the keepers' surprise when Mercor informed them. Thanks also for the correction Wink !

Was there anything else you were chasing besides 'Skrim', which I still can't find? Hmm, I also haven't found anywhere where there is an actual connection between Kase and Dortean. Both characters are definitely mentioned in the text but their relationship isn't (that I have found, at least), except that we know that Dortean is one of the two orange dragons and we know that Kase's dragon is one of the two orange dragons. Without the list as a reference though, Dortean could be seen as either Boxter's or Kase's, unless we can find a connection to either Boxter and Skrim or Kase and Dortean.
Dare I say, we sure could use ChriShaeffer's Kindle with this! All he would have to do is type in 'Skrim' and he could find it for us immediately (not to mention everything else we've been looking for)!! My Kindle for PC application isn't able to perfrom word searches yet, though Amazon is apparently working on it. *sigh*
ChriShaeffer, please come back...I believe in the Kindle!!!
Farseer yeah there's definitely only one silver - mostly referred to as 'the silver' (gets a tail injury and is not healthy) and towards the end declares himself to be named 'Spit'
I'd say it's definitely MEANT to be a male, it's just typos/errors where it temporarily switches gender.

The silver dragon is referred to as 'her' on p 257 (this was in dialogue - 'someone on the stern' talking). The dragon is then correctly referred to as 'he' in the text on the next page.

Actually one other I found was actually referring to Heeby (Rapskal's red female dragon):
p 34 first paragraph - 'his scales' and 'his head' then finally back to 'she'.

Joost yep I know the keepers just assumed the copper was male and then the dragons (Mercor?) pointed out it was female. Think that happened at the end of Dragon Keeper?

The ones I was thinking of were actual text errors.

I am getting pretty certain Skrim is not mentioned in the UK edition text....
There was at least one other thing in that DK 'list of characters' inconsistent with my UK edition DH text - it says Davvie is 15 but I am fairly certain within the UK text of DH it said he was 13 (I remember being a bit surprised he was so young).

Geees Farseer I thought you DID get searchable electronic versions of at least some of these books. The things you find are UNREAL! Thankful

Added later:
What happened to Shreever! Wah I wanted to find she was one of the dragons by the end of DH. Poor old Sessurea, I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad about him!
Does anyone remember if we were told [[Carrion]]'s fate? It would be kind of cool if the silver Spit turned out to be him. Smiling
I thought he died at the end of the LST? I do remember thinking that Spit made me think of him though...

No matter how many times I read or delve into these books, there is just so much to chew on that I forget most if it and have to go back searching again...a bit like when I'm driving in the car thinking about all of my theories and have an "Aha!" moment, but then can never remember it when I get to my destination (kind of like... *Farseer/Tawny Man spoiler, sort of*
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