Full Version: Pre-release City of Dragons (spoilers Farseer, LST, TM and RWC)
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What? the dutch "Robin Hobb" translates to "Robin Hobb" in english? how odd...
I've been driving around the state for the last few days so am a little slow in coming across this exciting piece of Newsgroup news. Robin was asked about release dates for the upcoming RWC instalments, and if the title of the next was still to be 'Dragon Trader' as per her working title that was released to the public prior to the split into two volumes. This was Robin's response:

Quote:There will be, I hope, two more volumes. City of Dragons and Dragon Blood. The first to come out in April or May of 2012, the second to follow within 6 months.

IF all goes as planned, that is!


Seems our previous discussion re 'Dragon Commander' was in vain (? P ) and Mervi's previously posted info confirmed!
not the most engaging names...
Yeah, I'm not too fond of the names either! I suppose next summer is a reasonable wait... it gives me plenty of time to read the RotE books I haven't read yet, plus re-read Liveship and RWC. But at this stage, a year wait sounds like ages P But a half year gap between the first and 2nd book is pretty good though! I just hope things don't get delayed.
the half-year wait between them is tasty...

Only a half year gap? Excellent. Now about the titles... they sound okay to me. To be fair, none of the titles of Robin Hobb's books has ever truly excited me. (The books themselves on the other hand...)
true... the least engaging of them is the first one...

but then, there is always the old proverb "don't judge a book by its cover"

The bookstore has a releasedate of 30 september on their site for the dutch translation:

I really hope it's true but I think they're a bit possitive when everybody else is talking about 2012.
These beings welcome the one known as "GodDamage" to these forums.

Hopefully it will come out in english language as early as that... It would be a bother to learn dutch just to read it earlier in that...
Welcome to the forums, GodDamage. I must say that's quite a hardcore name.
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