Full Version: Pre-release City of Dragons (spoilers Farseer, LST, TM and RWC)
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*protests loudly*

nah... go ahead... These beings do not mind.
^ Big Grin Done!

(Jul-12-2011, 07:29 PM (UTC))joost Wrote: [ -> ]The dragons are at least 2 years old during Tawny man ('The golden fool', chapter 11). First the fool talks about the birth of the dragons and the problems feeding them. "So, they all struggle. So it was when last I was on the Rain Wild River, two years ago".

I've somehow overlooked this post previously so a belated thanks joost! Flowers

Off to think on this some...

Odd that has a City of Dragons date set for Feb 7th (for the US edition) and has a date for April 26th (for the UK edition), but both the US and UK sites for The Book Depository have only Feb 7th. Even odder now that Amazon owns TBD, as far as I am aware. I assume from this that the US edition will just be available from both TBD sites? Either that or they've made a muck-up. Anyone heard anything differently recently, regarding the dates?
There are (for some obscure reason) two versions of CoD on the UK site, one on feb 7th, the second on apr 26th.

The feb 7th version:
The apr 26th version:
'tis annoyingly long wait no matter which version is right...

Though it might also be likely that they have both listed there in order to give users the option to choose which to buy...
I'm gonna wait reading it until part 2 (or 4) is published anyway.
I measure my addiction on the fact that there's no way I could wait for even a day after the first release. Matching covers and 's' rather than 'z' be damned! Surrender

I just realised that I updated the correct (hopefully!) dates and details on to the wiki this morning

Quote:City of Dragons and Blood of Dragons, sequel to Dragon Keeper/Dragon Haven. Current publication dates for City of Dragons are February 7th, 2012 (US) and April 26th, 2012 (UK). Publication dates for Blood of Dragons are, as yet, unknown however these will fall approximately six months after the releases of City of Dragons.

and then put the wrong date for April in my last thread so have just amended should not add dates while one is trying to teach school...lucky you guys are here! * sigh* Big Grin

Will anyone be looking to source the Dutch translation that is due to come out well prior to the UK one (still seems to be expected in September this year, lookng on the site GodDamage provided)? Or will you all just wait for the English version? I have to admit that I'd probably have to go with the Dutch, if I could read it, P no matter how much it varied from the English version. Yes, I am that addicted.

I also didn't include the Dutch translation release date as I wasn't sure how accurate it would be. Does anyone know?
Being released before the English version is not enough incentive for me to read the Dutch version. If at all possible, I read a book in its original language. (As it happens, the only foreign language I can read reasonably well is English.)

As for the accuracy of the release date, I wouldn't know. I'll let you know if I find out anything.
According to, 'Drakengebieder' (although they call it 'Drakenstad', a literal translation of 'City of dragons') will be released on september 30th 2011:

AKO has the release date on october 1st:

And Cosmox says september 15th:

Proxis also says october 1st:
So we can assume it's sometime in September/October then?! Big Grin
Thanks for the research, joost!
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