Full Version: Pre-release City of Dragons (spoilers Farseer, LST, TM and RWC)
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You're a gem, for both the post and the spoiler tag - thanks Jussi! Grouphug
Indeed. These beings ain't clicking that spoiler.
Uhu, I just couldn't help but reading. And now I'm anxious for all my "Beloved". The tension is rising!
Both books arrived today. Yay
Despite the fact that I wish it were me posting those words, I can't help but be very excited for you, joost! Clapping

So, what's the next step? You have DK and DH to get through first don't you, as you've been waiting for CoD and BoD before beginning RWC? Your next week = a Hobbfest! Yay
No, I read DK and DH, because at that time it wasn't known that there would be two more books.

So I'm first finishing the book I'm currently reading, and tomorrow I'll start Drakenstad. Some of the Dutch character names will probably be confusing at first, but a first glance doesn't show too badly mangled names.

The one good thing that came out of buying the Dutch versions: My mom's getting interested in Hobb too. I ordered Drakenhoeder and Drakenziel (DK/DH) for her, so she's gonna dive into the realm of the elderlings too Smiling.
Oh, joost, that's ripper news! Dance

My dad is a reader but a very practical, old-fashioned country man who would never pick up something 'fantasy'. Since I have been siphoning various books off to him for years though, I think now is the time to finally send him some Hobb-ness in the form of AA.

Bring on tomorrow and Drakenstad!! Book
Just thinking on things regarding the fact that Dutch readers will have read both CoD and, especially, BoD far earlier than the rest of us...

Other than to comment here and to have to bother about spoiler tags until English readers catch up, there are a couple of possible options available to readers of the Dutch releases including:

> beginning a Drakenstad etc thread/s here within the 'Upcoming books & other RH news' room, with spoiler tags in the thread title/s for those other Dutch readers who would possibly enter or

> to request a Dutch room in the 'Languages' forum (in with the Finnish one) where you could discuss all of the books

As both options would use Dutch, rather than English, (EDIT: though the posts in either could be a combination of both Dutch and English or even just English I suppose, the Dutch thread title and accompanying thread title spoiler tags would keep most away? :END EDIT) those of us who speak English would be saved from having to stumble on a spoiler. Of course, if we want to be spoiled, we can always use Google Translate or take a peek! P

The only downside I can see, with either option, is with the moderating side of things. I (and possibly Mervi too) wouldn't want to check in and use Google Translate to make sure things are fine in case I came across spoilers myself! Still, I am sure that joost and AR would happily keep an eye on things for a time and let us know if things needed deleting etc? Though I hate to put you both on the spot there too...!

Just thinking aloud and thus I haven't made any suggestions to Mervi (so possibly getting ahead of myself! Big Grin ), AND I would hate to possibly alienate readers of the Dutch versions by appearing to want to shove you all over to another spot, but it may give you all some freedom to chat here in the forums without fear of spoilers until we can chat together in English...after all, it would be difficult to sit on the secrets for the year or so that it will take for English readers to get to BoD! Not to mention it may provide a platform for discussing the translation processes as well?

Any thoughts? You may be just as happy to keep things as is and just use spoiler tags for a while? I am just as happy with that but just also throwing some options up there to make things possibly more welcoming to those Dutch readers who may like something extra?

I'll stop now... Smiling
I wouldn't mind moderating a Dutch subforum. My body's rejecting sleep lately so I'm online most of the time anyway.

Drakenhoeder and Drakenziel arrived today, so my mom's ready to start reading the rain wild chronicles too Smiling.
(Jan-06-2012, 05:10 PM (UTC))joost Wrote: [ -> ]I wouldn't mind moderating a Dutch subforum.

Fantastic, thanks joost! I will raise it with Mervi and see how we go from there. Flowers

If it goes ahead, it may be a little while before it's up and running though as Mervi is currently adventuring in New Zealand (lucky thing!). Just on that, if anyone's interested, keep an eye out for her Twitter updates up at the top of the forum page and on the left sidebar of the main news page. I "don't do Twitter" but Mervi has placed some photos etc on there that may be of interest to we thePlenty members. Smiling

(Jan-06-2012, 05:10 PM (UTC))joost Wrote: [ -> ]Drakenhoeder and Drakenziel arrived today, so my mom's ready to start reading the rain wild chronicles too Smiling.

Hooray joost's mum! Lots of wonderful discussions ahead of you both, joost...what an exciting time! Happyballoon

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