Full Version: Pre-release City of Dragons (spoilers Farseer, LST, TM and RWC)
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Dang it! I was hoping to circumvent my being 'stuck' and be able to download it as well but it won't let me until April...when it's due out here in Australia!!!! Crying *sob!*

Argh! I had a feeling that it would happen but I was hoping, hoping, hoping I could get the US version...but I can't! Crying

We've had over thirteen inches of rain here so I'll be lucky to get out any time soon...not to mention that there are creeks and rivers over the road nearly all the way to the coast at present...where the bookstores are and where the mail comes from! Down

Damn you, you wet seasons in North Queensland! Rant It is truly time for a seachange!

Have fun the rest of you! Smiling

order it online. Usually TBD are quick on sending books... the version 'thul ordered is tagged as released on the 1st February.
I have ordered the US version from my favourite bookstore on the coast (where I am due to be this weekend anyway) but I'm not sure if I'm going to get there due to the roads now...either way, even if I did order another copy online, the wet weather is causing problems with mail and other deliveries, which is why I don't have the book here with me yet. The problems aren't only mine here but many towns across the north are affected eg our closet town hasn't had bread and other basics for weeks apparently. I'm just making my own so that poses no problems for us but no bread and no incoming mail etc means no books either.

I was just hoping that I could download it now so that I didn't have to wait until the book could work its way west or I could work my way east! Oh well. Back to LST... Book ...I have to admit that I am already having some 'other' Big Grin thoughts about things in there from having read the prologue and first three chapters of CoD.

Either way, I was going to order the UK version from tBD later on and pass on the US version to someone else. Of course, one can't have too many RotE copies, especially when scribbling in the white space is obligatory! P

That is understandable. The Norwegian postal system does not have the same type of problems as can be found down under... Especially not in the region 'thul live, so it is easy to forget such factors.
These beings value books too much to scribble in them...
I never quite know which thread to post things in to so I now regret the fact that we have two City of Dragons threads...possibly the second one should have been given the Dutch title? will be really confusing when this one has to make its way down into the RotE room as well! I am clueless as to how I'm going to fix it though... Surrender

I don't really place any value in such things but you may be interested to know that City of Dragons is currently #24 on the Bestsellers Hardcover List, according to The New York Times. Smiling
This thread deals mostly in discussion about the book and its delivery, not to mention stuff that was pre-release, not so much about spoiling stuff... 'thul would suggest sticking the discussion with spoilers to the other thread in the RotE section...
Glad you said that 'thul beings as I was thinking along the same lines, which is why I posted here...still not sure what we'll do when it's time to move this thread though...maybe I can fiddle with the title a bit even now and just add 'release details' or something? Undecided
That is always a solution...
I had it in my hands!!!!!!!! And I had to give it back again CryingCryingCrying. Because the german bookshops ostensibly do not get the books shrink-wrapped, and the cover was damaged. AWFUL!!!! But I’m not willing to accept the damage, not with a new book Mad.

But the cover itself is absolutely gorgious! The blue color of the dragon is soooo nice and the dragon itself is stamped (don’t know, if that’s the right word. I hope you know what I mean.). It really feals nice to touch it. And – funny enough – it’s the UK edition, which is announced not until April.
Both US and UK versions share cover, so how do you know it was UK version?
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