Full Version: Pre-release City of Dragons (spoilers Farseer, LST, TM and RWC)
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UK is silver, US is gold. Or so I'm told.
Joost...he's a poet and didn't know it...or did he?! Big Grin
Certainly better than these beings will write. Poetry. Bah. Give 'thul a moose to eat instead.
Actually, finella, I think I said previously that The Book Depository had the paperback version listed as out today (yesterday here in Australia), and only the hardback is not out until April. It's still coming up as being 'unavailable' on the site though, while the hb is available for not sure what's up with that!
Probably differences in local publishers or something like that.
Weird. Typically, in the US, only Hardbacks come out first. You know.. because they're more expensive. Publishers will generally wait 6-12 months before releasing a trade paperback version. Dodgy
Maybe they wanted to sell heaps of paperbacks...those who collect the hb will likely buy both...the pb because they can't stand the wait and then the hb for their collection...well that's what I'd do if I bothered to collect the hb copies.


A fellow Aussie on the Newsgroup went to a local bookstore to purchase a copy of AA for a friend and City of Dragons (UK) was on shelves. Clapping

Of course, TBD must have had it right (I had my doubts so that's why I've waited) so now I'm stuck here...though I think I may just drive the 1200kms to the coast and back tomorrow. Too late in the day to get there before closing now...

HOORAY! City of Dragons is here!!! Yay Dance Happyballoon
1200km is quite a drive... 38 889.3179 femtoParsecs, to be exact. Yes, that is a unit of distance measurement. Parsec (3.26 lightyears), multiplied by 10-15.
1 femtoParsec = 30.8568025 meters

A most useful unit of distance measurement.
1200km = 745 miles. Holy CRIKEY Blink that's a huge drive! That would take like 10 hours or so. Is it 1200km one way, or is that round-trip?
My sister lives on the other side of the country. That's 200km. Relativity again Smiling.
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