Full Version: Pre-release City of Dragons (spoilers Farseer, LST, TM and RWC)
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It takes 400km for us to get from our home to our school's front gate...a trip I'll be doing this coming Monday! Surrender

Once I used to drive a twice-weekly 90km round trip just to pick up mail from our mailbox....and our mailman used to call up on the two-way at 3 or 4am to tell me that he would be there soon if I wanted to meet him with an outgoing mailbag or to pick up cold stores like margarine etc.

@ Valarya: That would be a 1200km round trip and I do it so often it seems like nothing at all eg I did it twice last week. Often my husband will ring to see how I'm going so I'll pull up on the side of the road to speak with him on my mobile (when I'm in range). He'll ask me where I am and I'll reply, "Somewhere"...because I drive the road so much I truly lose track of where I am upon it!! Big Grin
I just... I just have no idea how you do it, hahah. Well, honestly.. it sounds like a peaceful kind of life. A life I sometimes crave.. where you grow your own food and take care of your own land. Some place out of history (to me). Back when things were simpler.

Then I remember how much I love technology and after about 3 days I'd start to feel severely disconnected hahaha. P

I can't imagine all that driving, though. 400km to get to school. It's only 16km from my house to my daughters school. Then another 20km to get to work. (Yes, I cheated and used a conversion table on the internet because kilometers don't compute in my brain. That's 10 miles and 13 miles to me.)
It's really interesting to read about you all (the distances, you have to cope with, Farseer, just leaves me speachless Blink).
And thanks a lot for your sympathy, having the book in my hands and having to give it away again Thankful Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin. Did anybody read that at all ??? (don't get me wrong, I'm just kidding WinkBig Grin)
^ You've come closer to having CoD than I have, you'll get no sympathy fom me! P

Big Grin

The lords of the three realms do not feel sympathy for humanity.
Uhu, I always had the feeling that you are a heartless pack Crying.
Heartless, no. Pitiless, yes.

Pity serves no purpose except for belittling the insignificant.

I have it! Yay I have it! Yay



Now I feel sorry for you finella! P
*eagerly awaits responses to spoilers*
It's 11:09pm...I haven't yet slept but here I go, commencing from the beginning of Chapter Four (seeing as I've read the preceding stuff via the publisher's pdf links)...

...I've been carting the thing around with me all day and haven't had a chance to get into it until now!

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