Full Version: Pre-release City of Dragons (spoilers Farseer, LST, TM and RWC)
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Oooh I love those characters YAY!!!!

Albertosaurus I wouldn't worry too much - she's often in trouble isn't she? Doesn't seem to worry her too much... I think she thrives on it.
... and our next returning character is:
Ah, looks like we're going to get a mixture of Liveship Traders and Rain Wild Chronicles characters. I always like it when things become a more interconnected whole.
Yes, I expected a return from that character...they were never going to let things lie as they were left Turned !
He was too annoying and manipulative to leave out?
All I can say is .... Blink

(only because there is no 'about to vomit' smiley)

But on a more general level .... does Robin usually drop so many hints about upcoming book contents?
Robin Hobb has stated elsewhere that she hates when authors spoil their upcoming books, saying something akin to "When reading the latest Harry Potter novel (Halfblood Prince) I kept wondering when that character was going to die."

So I guess she tries to keep it down a little.
Well, she does sometimes comment on what she's writing in a very general sense like "my protagonist is in a tight spot right now" or "I have 700 manuscript pages done". But she's also extra careful with spoilers, usually also in interviews. Smiling
Hmm I see!
I love not knowing anything about what's going to be in the book (I'm the same with movies)..... but then I can't bear not knowing when I find out there's a hint!!!! Argh the indecision...

I agree with Robin's dislike of authors' spoilers! Good to see she's careful. In the end it's my choice whether to look or not, but it's nice to know I won't inadvertently stumble across the info.

I was actually a bit surprised to see that latest comment ... I didn't think that character would continue to have a significant role.... guess I was alone though!

tiny possible implied spoiler
The spoilers posted here have all been pretty vague, not really revealing much of anything... 'thul thinks that is the best kind of spoilers...
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