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All a bit expensive but there's a signed first edition copy of Assassin's Quest currently available on eBay ( for $120AUD if anyone's interested. Seller is 100% but the book does appear to be an ex-library, going on the stamp on the title page?

There are oodles of signed firsts on, even this leather-bound $80US Wizard of the Pigeons treasure.

Among other things, there's also apparently an advance reader's copy of City of Dragons for purchase for $24.99US (unsigned) and a signed, $99.95US copy of A Fantasy Medley, a collection of short stories which includes Robin's 'Words Like Coins'.
Passing this info on from Megan via Robin's Newsgroup P , for those who may be Megan Lindholm collectors :

Quote:Back in 1992, I co-wrote a novel with Steven Brust called The Gypsy.
In 1995, Steve put it out as a multimedia CD, with all the text of the novel and the songs from the tale as performed by Boiled in Lead, a Minneapolis band.

Currently, there is an online auction to benefit editor Terri Windling. And there is offered a copy of that CD from the collection of Ellen Kushner.

Or so I am told. My efforts to locate that item were not exactly successful, but I'll put that down to my own ineptitude. I know it's there and you can bid on it until December 15.

Oh, and where is the auction? Here.

Lots of other stuff there from folks like Lucius Shepard and Alan Lee and Steven Brust et al. So even if you don't want a CD of The Gypsy, you might want to go take a look!

In haste,

Megan Lindholm, posting on Robin Hobb's newsgroup. Smiling

This is great!! I've been a fan of Steven Brust's Dragaera series for about as long as I've been a fan of Robin. I had no idea they co-wrote a book!! I'll be picking this up soon.
If you're unsuccessful Valarya, you could always try and source a copy of just the book from or as there are often copies for sale there...the .com link contains what is currently available. Flowers
Current A Fantasy Medleyinfo/prices from Amazon for anyone interested (AFM includes Robin's Words Like Coins).
(Mar-22-2012, 07:02 AM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: [ -> ]Current A Fantasy Medleyinfo/prices from Amazon for anyone interested (AFM includes Robin's Words Like Coins).
Goodness me, that's none too cheap!! One for the 'when I'm flush' list.
Beyond the budget 'thul have at their disposal.
Anyone interested in investing in some original artwork? Tom Kidd's illustrations for the special 1000-copy edition of The Inheritance and Other Stories by Subterranean Press are up for sale on eBay.

Silver Lady
Fifth Squashed Cat
Drum Machine
Here's an item you don't see on sale very often: one of the four Space & Time magazine issues with a Megan Lindholm story. (This one's got Faunsdown Cottage.)

(When I say not very often, I've been on the lookout for these magazines on and off for the last decade. For some reason, issues from the early 80's have been popping up on eBay lately and I've personally just managed to complete my set of four a couple of weeks ago! )
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