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I'm not quite sure if this is a good idea, but we'll never know if we don't try, right? Smiling I was thinking that whenever one of us runs into any interesting Hobb/Lindholm related goodies that are on sale online, we could make a note about it here so those of us who are collecting things could find them easier. I don't mean that we should index every Hobb title that's sold on Amazon's marketplace or eBay here, but just things that might go unnoticed otherwise.

Please remember that you alone can decide whether buying online or from certain sellers is safe or worth the risks for you. None of the items listed in this thread are guaranteed to be what the description says by those who post links here or by's administration.

Now, here's the item that brought this idea to my head:
A bunch of "Humpty Dumpty's" on eBay, one of them contains [[Koko's Day Out]] (the one with the green cover, third in the first row).
Hello all!

I am one of the organizers of the Elf Fantasy Fair. This is a large Fantasy event which is held in the Netherlands. Robin Hobb has visited our event twice now and was again our honoured guest last April.

She has signed three large banners and we have decided to give them away in an EBay auction to fans. All profits will go to charity. I have been looking for Robin Hobb fans all over the world and that is why I also signed up for this forum. We wanted to let as many fans of Robin Hobb possibly know that they can buy a banner, signed by this fabulous writer herself.

I am not trying to advertise (at least not for commercial purposes). This will be my only plug. It is for a good cause.

If you would like more information about the auction, you may visit our website: (a direct link to the item about the auction)

Kind regards!
I found a truly amazing set of Hobb books for sale on ebay: 1st/1st UK hardbacks for all the trilogies (including both states of Golden Fool and Shaman's Crossing limited edition) + Legends II limited edition as well as the usual hardback + the Voyager 5 years book - all of them signed. If you have the money, this is a wonderful opportunity for a serious collector.

Here's the link.
A copy of Legends II is currently available on eBay from Australia (only $7.95 for Buy it Now). It is not a limited edition or anything but, as it is becoming hard to source, someone may still be interested in a large, soft cover apparently in very good condition?
Voyager 5 Collector's Edition on eBay from London, Buy It Now - GBP51.22. Would buy it myself but, by the time I got it here to Australia, $$$! I will just wait for 'The Inheritance' to come out and hope like crazy the same-named story is in it!
Well, I just posted about this in the main news as well, but there's a signed copy of Legends II up for auction at a charity site for the Nashville flood victims - and by signed I mean signed by ALL the authors, including Robin. Smiling You can find the it here: http://dothewritethingfornashville.blogs...em-14.html
Oooh interesting items !!!!!
This is sort of off-topic but I wasn't sure where it belonged.
I was just going to ask Farseer where you normally buy books?
I notice that they generally seem more expensive here than the UK and USA but when you take postage into account it's about the same. However, I've found prices are better at the 'book depository' which is a UK website. They have 'free postage' - I'm sure it's incorporated into the price of the books but for me it still works out cheaper than buying in a shop here in Hobart (or online anywhere else I've found so far once you add postage). The thing that really amazes me is there's no minimum order - so I was able to buy one little new release paperback book for $11 which is much cheaper than about $20 in most book stores here. Some of the big non-fiction books are really great prices (I'm saving up!)
(May-14-2010, 04:45 PM (UTC))Nuytsia Wrote: [ -> ]I was just going to ask Farseer where you normally buy books?

Anywhere I can get them P !!

I make time to visit newsagencies and bookstores etc EVERY time I am in a town, city or airport but, most often, I purchase them via mail order (either over the internet or telephone). One of the schools I am involved with has an on-line bookshop connected to its website (with proceeds from sales going to the school) and I have found it to be a fantastic source of books, particularly as far as price, selection and speed of order/delivery goes. I have also been able to order quite a few new books from there that I have been unable to source elsewhere (eg international publications that have long been out of print etc).

Thanks for theterrific link...I've had a look and am very impressed...have you see the Hobb titles? Cheap as chips Yay and free postage to boot!!
Yup just thought I'd mention it, as I found their prices great. Proud
It's also good to have a source for those hard to get titles though Wink
Nuytsia, I was just browsing eBay and noticed that there's a copy of the Voyager 5 book up for buying... but the starting price is ridiculous, it's GBP 47.00! I paid GBP 5 + shipping for mine, and really it's a softcover leaflet, not a fancy, fat hardback. 22 I'll let you know if I come across a cheaper version. Wink

Not sure if there are any hardcore collectors among us, but:
- a signed US paperback edition of Harpy's Flight - would be nice as this is her first real published book - except it's an ex-library copy so again I think the price is a bit too high
- this is interesting! It's not that unusual to find proof/ARC copies of books, but this is a proof for the covers - the same book, US Harpy's Flight. I've been considering this for awhile, but what they list as international shipping costs is a bit too high for what is essentially a piece of paper. If I had a job, I'd probably cave in though... P
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