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I've seen this sort of thing related back to Star Wars once but I thought it would be fun to get a Realm of the Elderlings list going :question: ? Not sure if it fits in this spot though?!

eg You know you're hooked come home from work/school thinking, "I feel Forged" Dodgy wonder whether renting a house in Forge would be asking for trouble (in the end, we decided not to).
You can hear your cat's voice in your mind saying 'Mine!' as it makes its rounds of the room headbutting things.......
You know you're obsessed with the Realm of the Elderlings...

...When you attempt to form a wit bond with your pet.
...When you attempt to hide this from the world, out of fear that they will hang and burn you.
...When you identify several ancient ruins as once belonging to the Elderlings.
...When you spot an albino and become convinced a White Prophet walks among you.
...When you name your children after virtues like Six Duchies nobility.
...When you try to talk to the figureheads of old ships (Near where I live, there is a replica of a VOC ship, with a badass lion figurehead!).

And finally:

...When you come up with this theory: you know those Nazca lines? Of course they weren't made to be viewed by gods or aliens. They were meant to be viewed by dragons!
...when you forsake baking lamingtons and ANZAC biscuits for savoury pastries and pink sugar cakes.

...when you ask your husband to buy you a hatchet for Christmas because it'll be the closest you ever come to wielding a battleaxe...and he does, and you love it!

ps LOVE the 'others', the Nazca lines gets you thinking!
...when you find yourself cursing "by Sa" or "by El and Eda"...
...when you want to quit your job and become the captain of a trader ship.
...When you want to get married in front of the nearest tall standing stones.
...When you insist your husband to be (or bride as may be the case) prove his worth by laying a dragon's head upon your hearth.
...When your daughter's middle name just has to be "Nosegay".
...When you insist your son be named "Fitz[Yourname]".

(Apparently, I am feeling a bit broody today.)
(Apr-02-2010, 07:27 PM (UTC))Albertosaurus Rex Wrote: [ -> ]...When you insist your son be named "Fitz[Yourname]".
So you are planning to have an illegitimate son then? :p

...when you lovingly refer to your baby daughter as a "little serpent".
Wouldn't you want the chance to have a Fitz for a son? P (Although do note that Fitz does not necessarily denote an illegitmate son.)
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