Full Version: What are you reading right now? (possible RotE spoilers)
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Since Mervi has done such an amazing job setting up the wiki, there aren't a lot of questions left to ask about Hobb or her books. So, I'll start a discussion about what books are tiding you guys over until the next Hobb release.

I'm currently reading Elven Star by Weis and Hickman. Book two of the Death Gate Cycle series.

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I didn't start reading much fantasy until about 5 years ago, so I have a lot of catching up to do. With the help of a few book review blogs and Amazon's star rating system, I've been able to find a lot of great older books. I only have about 50 pages left, so I'm planning on finishing it up tonight.
I've loved fantasy since I was a young one; my father was really into early sci-fi so it was always in the house. My sister introduced me to Technicolor Time Machine and Come The Jubilee; both are terrific stories. Anne McCaffrey's early books were great, but later ones were a bit lame.
At this time I am reading all of Hobb's books thanks to Mervi!
I was actually very much against fantasy as a genre until someone crammed Assassin's Apprentice down my throat. I still find a lot of it hard to swallow, so catching up can be difficult.

Right now I'm reading The Book of Joby, by Mark J. Ferrari. I find the idea of using christian ideas as the basis for a fantasy story intriguing. So far I'm sensing a lot of lost potential, but I'm only a hundred pages in so we'll see. I'm interested in seeing where he goes with this.
At the moment I'm reading Farthing by Jo Walton. I really liked her Fantasy Award winner Tooth and Claw so when I saw that our libraries had a new book by her I placed a reservation immediately. It's an alternative history/murder mystery and I'm really interested to find out who's the culprit!
At the moment I'm making my third round through A song of Ice and Fire and some boring dutch literature I've got to read for school. Like others already said, Martin really puts down a fantastic story. Just as catching as Hobb, though Hobb's more subtle and I like that.
I'm reading The Briar King by Greg Keyes.

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I recently read the Finnish translation of the Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I know I'm going to see the movie when it comes out in December, so I wanted to read the book first. (The adapation was done by the trio that brought us the LOTR trilogy - Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens). The subject is very grim and touching, but the book was still very enjoyable.
I have just read Turncoat, the latest book of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. These are supernatural detective stories, light reading but very gripping. Just what I needed to unwind last weekend after a really intense week at work!
chriSchaeffer.. how did you like the Death Gate series? That was the first fantasy series I ever read and I really enjoyed it. I'm assuming you've finished them all now since your original post was a year ago.. heh!

I'm currently reading Renegade's Magic.. hopefully I have it done shortly!
I'm now reading Crimantica, a strange thrieller/horror by the Italiana Gianfranco Manfredi.
And Essays on linguistic interferences... (my boyfriend said "Ough! THIS in horror!") Big Grin