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That's adorable, joost ('Uncle' joost, I assume?), and just won't be too long before you can slip them their first copy of Assassin's Apprentice! Happyballoon
Yes, Uncle Joost to one of the girls, and the two others are friends who were visiting. I was reading something much better than AA: Dikkie Dik Smiling
I was hoping you'd share the title and, you're right, much better I'm sure! Big Grin

I found these links after seeking some info on the connections Dikkie Dik had to Sesame Street - amazing! The things about our world that I just don't know about, like Sesamstraat!

The next question is, was that your first reading or your twentieth (on the same day or from different days!)? My daughter is almost ten and from time-to-time she STILL asks me to read her 'Belinda' by Pamela Allen. 22 The upside to that is that she eventually forgot about 'Green Eggs and Ham' by Dr eggs and ham would be okay but I never did like Sam I am!

These beings have got back now from celebrating their national holiday. To be nice, they will post a generic image from it, considering that they have none of their own images...

[Image: f5MD_UD51J0726Rn1qnSlA2DQi8MbKahlBN5So0p_kzA.jpg]

The image shows but a tiny fraction of the celebration...
Problem solved (I think!). Yesterday I thought to myself, "Hmm...'thul lives in the US and he attended a national day celebration? Uhhuh Obviously he's not in the US at the moment!"

I had no idea where you may have gone though. About all I could come up with was possibly Thailand.

With the flag helping, you attended a celebration for the national day of Norway? Norway's National Constitution Day is also on May 17th so I'm locking that answer in! P
Its not as if these beings have intentionally obstructed facts... merely left the answer hidden...
^ the 'thul beings are prone to do!...

Do you beings have Norwegian connections? Detective
they might have a few.
[Image: 242754_10150204349594322_573349321_66755...9078_o.jpg]
More reading. Two nieces, one nephew and two friends of a niece.
Books and ice-cream (and an uncle to read the book!)...what more could a child wish for?! P

Your group of listeners is growing, joost! Clapping
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