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Such is a sad happening. It is rare for container ships to carry tourist passengers, though it can happen. Good that Mervi was not on board.
I knew about the hot air balloon but not the ship. Very sad indeed.
[Image: Foto0037.jpg]
LOL Joost... that hat. Big Grin

I tried posting pics in here one day but it wouldn't let me. Down The img tag totally didn't work. Hrmph. I'll try again:

My favorite being in the world (that isn't human or Spiderling). Gizmo.
[Image: 312035_10150273939963208_502838207_77597...8091_n.jpg]

[Image: 36888_402747968207_139675_n.jpg]

A little weirdness to add to the mix... (weird face)
[Image: 38279_413395173207_502838207_4657153_1764548_n.jpg]


A hat to combat Joost's latest post, lol Joker
[Image: 10427_146544418207_502838207_2648609_3928472_n.jpg]
(Oh gods those photos are huge. What have I done..)
Great pics! Big Grin

Nice hat joost! P Was there a reason you were wearing such headgear?

Valarya, my mum had a cat called Gizmo! Sadly he's no longer with us Down but a lovely black and white long haired moggy he was. Your Gizmo is lovely too Smiling Our first cats (brother and sister) were long haired called 'Baggins' and a short haired called 'Pepper.' We've had 'Tango', ginger and white and mad as a box of frogs (sadly no longer with us and very much missed) and now we have 'Dandelion' (my daughter named him! Nothing to do with me!) Not the happiest of cats (really quite grumpy) but he's a bonny lad all the same! P
interesting hats...
(Feb-11-2012, 01:20 AM (UTC))fool-ish Wrote: [ -> ]Nice hat joost! P Was there a reason you were wearing such headgear?
I was at my sister's and my niece showed me this hat. I like hef weird hats for some reason (see this picture).

My brother has a Gizmo-cat too.

@Valarya: Your hatpic is great! And that weirdpic isn't that weird is it? I look worse in my picture (rabbit in headlights...)
Such a lovely (and bearded) Elphaba you make joost! Big Grin

As for your pics Valarya, I agree, a nice hat to counter joost's efforts! Clapping Mostly though, I love that only one of your eyes is clearly seen in your first pic, and so it is a little like your actual avatar! P

Love it! Joker
These beings will soon have to figure out what they should make for their avatar... Its been too long without one...
Haha I didn't even think about the first pic being similar to the Avatar. Big Grin

@Joost- My daughter loves weird hats and has a very large collection of them. I should get another one on and take a pic. P
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