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Nope, the shadow-like framing is merely parts of the background that 'thul did not remove.

The details in question are most difficult to see. much like such can be hard to see at first in the books.
(Feb-13-2012, 11:57 PM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]Not just the eyes... Its not easily visible, but there's more...

I really should not be fact I have an important guest sitting in my kitchen while I am in here under the guise of doing another job! Still, this is making me nuts...'thul when you mean it's not just the eyes, do you or don't you include the scaling near your eyes as well as the blueness of your eyes? I was going to say that it looks like scaling but thought this may have been included in fool-ish's eyes observation?

Is it something other than those two things? Uhhuh

I'd better get back to work... Ouch
Its somewhat the eyes, but it is mainly the scaling... Messing up the eyes only took about 10 minutes or so.
Oh I can see it now...just! Big Grin
It would not have looked right if these beings had made them more obvious. Unless of course they had started coloring them in.
A few little pics of 'home' as per the (almost too long ago for anyone to remember that it existed) conversation in the 'What's happening in your world' thread....

A bit of my backyard (at least the bit that faces south, though the camera was facing south-east when the shot was taken), after putting in a new fenceline and placing some new garden beds where there was only paddock before:


You can see the milking cows and calves behind one fenceline, in the area where the orchard was planned, and the bulls are outside the actual yard and sitting out in a paddock. Of course, being on a large cattle station, my backyard truly comprises all that you can see stretching right back to the horizon.

Next up, the road home from town, with about 11kms still to travel. Yes, it's a dirt track (which is why we have a four-wheel drive) and is only wide enough for one vehicle Smiling :

Grr! My connection is soooo slllooowwwww! I might have to leave this uploading attempt for a while longer yet...until next month when my plan clicks over!

Will try once more...


My eldest son arriving for a brief visit, flying in and landing on the airstrip near the homestead. He's in the pilot's seat:


My second eldest puts the motorbike on the back of the Toyota after getting a gash in the fuel tank during mustering:


More to come...
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooo many space!!! That is absolutely incredible and just right now I envy you for that. Here in Germany everything is so small and narrow and I always dreamt of more space and width and nature.
I remember long time ago, flying from New Zealand back to Germany, we flew over the australian Outback and all I could see was red earth for hours and hours. Very, very impressing! (but also a bit depressing too Blink)
(Feb-14-2012, 12:35 PM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]Its somewhat the eyes, but it is mainly the scaling... Messing up the eyes only took about 10 minutes or so.

Ooooh, I think I also see it. It's specially at the RIGHT eye, isn't it? Very subtle!

'thul added a semi-transparent fuzzy blue layer on top of each eye, then inverted the color of the iris and muddled up edges to give a better transition. Bad quality of source image meant it had to be done that way...

One of the nicest ways to see great space is to hike in the mountains... particularly the Norwegian mountains, far from most other people... The feeling of standing on the summit, staring out at the sight after a good day's flight is unique...
We live in, not so much mountainous, but hilly country. There are some spectacular hills around these parts and once atop them, they don't fail to offer wonderful vistas. From forests and green fields, to carpets of purple heather, to bleak and barren moors, we have it all. Just a couple of miles north from where we live is the highest stretch of motorway in England (will have to look up quite how high) It's all very much taken for granted and unappreciated for the most part when it's on your doorstep.. and when you don't have a car anymore! Down
This is pretty much the view from my house:

[Image: nashville-tennessee-nighttime-hdr-downto...lights.jpg]
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