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Heheh cute!
I don't do so well at names myself... the thing is you have to find a name when you first get them and you don't know their personality well enough yet. So later we always say "oh why didn't we name him ........." but you can't change once they are named!
Is Tully about to do some practice for the World Cup?
(Jun-16-2010, 05:43 PM (UTC))FoolMoon Wrote: [ -> ]jeez our cat names are bad. oh well.

I thought they were pretty good, FoolMoon! Far better than the names my husband seems to come up with for dogs or poddy lambs eg Lightning Bolt, Powerline or, THOSE are bad names P !!

One of my sons is allergic to cats (not sure if I mentioned that previously?!) so we haven't had one for many years now. Have had plenty of dogs though. Still, in the age-old cat vs dog debate, I'd have to go with the cat!
Hehehee I spotted these two outside our lounge room window today!! They're not easy to spot either!

[Image: 44383_1584270727242_1249962217_1584854_7343401_n.jpg]
Check out our weather - it snowed HERE on the 29th September and this photo was taken about 5 km's up the road from my house the next morning... and then we got sunny weather and I thought winter was over, yesterday it was 22 degrees C top temp BUT today it was raining and windy and 10 degrees top temp!!!

WHATS GOING ON I don't know what to wear or whether to do a load of washing or water the plants or plan a picnic!! Surrender

[Image: 44951_1640149004164_1249962217_1719239_3389760_n.jpg]
I can't quite get my head around this recent snap of yours, Nuytsia! SNOW...only a bit over ten days ago, while I'm up here sweltering Blink ??!! I can see why you're having scheduling issues!
It's crazy, today was 22 degrees (gasp, so hot) but by Friday they are forecasting 'mountain snow' again!!!!
Note, that doesn't meant it will snow near us, just on the top of Mt Wellington. But it's not gonna be hot put it that way.

Wow it's weird to think you are sweltering at this time of year. But then again I guess you don't really have 4 seasons?
On the other hand I was wondering today what it must be like in places where you are literally shut indoors all winter.....
Hmm here's a tasty treat served up by the local Brown Falcon
mmmmmm Wabbit!

Errrrr rabbit lovers may want to look away... (not that I'm not a rabbit lover, but I am fascinated by nature at work)

Sorry it's a really crap photo but I had like 1 second to take it through the window before the bird spotted me and flew off!

Winter in the Netherlands! Crappy phone pictures through my front window.
[Image: 803e67f9.jpg]
[Image: e916a477.jpg]
Thanks for sharing, joost. A bit like our sun-setting-at-3pm discussion , I see the picture but cannot fully appreciate it with having never even experienced snow Smiling !

Now I know this will be a silly question Blushing but do everyday people there still attempt to produce their own fruit/veg during the winter months with heavy snowfall eg under indoor, climate-controlled conditions or something? Is fresh produce otherwise hard to come by?

Distance and being geographically isolated can be difficult at times but that's nothing a few hundred kilometres in the car can't fix...snow seems a far more difficult problem!
Most do not try to grow vegetables in wintertime, no... The local (and not so local) grocery stores supply such. These beings were tempted to say they had to store up food each winter, but they suspected you were not quite that gullible...
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