Full Version: Where did you get your username from? (some RotE-ish spoilers)
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Well, I think the title's self-explanatory. Mine comes from from an actual dinosaur, the Albertosaurus. Seeing as my surname is Alberts and I happen to think dinosaurs are kinda cool, this was too awesome to pass up.

I added Rex after discovering that other people already used the name on other online services, to differentiate myself from those other guys. Resulting in A) being now named after a non-existant dinosaur and B) a rather long and unwieldy username. I've seen that some of you have started shortening it to Rex, and I'm fine with that.

As a sidenote, I tend to be unable to stick with one online nickname for long. Unlike my avatar, which I have used everywhere for the past six years. EDIT: Well, look at me, finally changing my avatar... although it is one that I have used before...
Mine is fairly obvious, I imagine.

Like Rex, I tend to change nickname frequently. On other fora, I have used Yoj, Crowhawk and Exodite.
my real name is Chris Schaeffer, so I mashed up the two S's at the end of Chris and the beginning of Schaeffer and boom, creativity! I've been using that username for over 7 years.

By the way, if you do use the same username in multiple places, be sure you don't reuse the same password on critical sites. that's a hackers dream.
Are you speaking out of personal experience?

My previous usernames include Qlberts (an unpronouncable variation on my last name) and CP, (Which is often too short, leading to names like "CP the [whatever strikes my fancy at the time]") which is short for Cool Paramite, which is the name I used on the first forum that I ever joined (Oddworld Forums - paramites are a species of creature from the Oddworld videogames). Other members regularly shortened my name to CP, so when I started joining other places, it seemed an obvious choice.
I got mine from an Elvish name generator after The Fellowship of the Ring came out, and have been using it on various fantasy boards ever since.
Like Maulkin's, my username is pretty obvious. Fitz is my favourite RotE character (actually I think I'm dealing with something bordering on pathological!) so I wanted a name relating to him, though was surprised to find that it hadn't already been taken.

I am also intrigued by a comment made by the Fool to Fitz regarding the House of Farseer, and how Farseer was a name from the future, reaching back down to the past to be gifted to Fitz himself, as opposed to a surname that he had merely inherited from his earlier ancestors eg Chivalry, Shrewd etc. It makes me think (or at least HOPE) that there's still more for Fitz to do yet, to fully earn this name of Farseer...when I find the passage Detective , I'll share it!
Yeah, I remember that passage. I believe it's the same one in which he proclaims that they have to save the world. I never was able to make much sense of the Fool's remarks about the name Farseer. Probably related somehow to Fitz's role as catalyst?
I remember that too! It's one of the very few things I remember. hehehee
Anyhoo, I think I remember it because it made me think geeeees they don't REALLY live up to their names do they? I mean, the whole thing with the Fool always going on about making sure a Farseer is on the throne made me think they don't really do anything that indicates that do have a lot of foresight.... But I'm sure I'm being too harsh there. I guess the alternative was going to be worse somehow. (although apart from Regal, I am not sure what the alternative would be?)

Back on topic - thanks for making this thread because I actually was wondering about Albert and Mane and NOW I know!

I also use different names on different forums, Sometimes just because the name I wanted is taken.

This name is from Nuytsia floribunda
I am pretty sure I initially came up with the name in frustration after trying many names for something and them ALL being taken. Of course nowdays even this name is sometimes taken!
Cool. I love parasitic plants!
It's a cool plant isn't it!
I managed to grow two from seed but they only lived for about a year. I guess they didn't find the required host plant. Although I DO have a habit of mysteriously killing all types of plant.........

Unfortunately they don't grow here in Tasmania (well not naturally), but I've already found a similar thing growing in the bush here on our own land this time. Native Cherry - Exocarpus cupressiformis
This is apparently 'semi-parasitic' .... and it's not so impressive looking, but nice.
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