Full Version: [spoiler] Tarman Expedition CoD and BoD
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I wonder if it will occur to the members of the Tarman Expedition that the people who consripted it, and by the way, including the Tarman crew and Alice have no right to anything 'Kelsingra'. The expedition finished in the 'village' across the river, the dragons were content, and Leftrin left from there to go back to Cassarick. The dragons and Elderlings got themselves to Kelsingra. What do you think?
Hmm... That is an interesting point of view... These beings feel that it is the sort of opinion that a certain sorts of people in the rain wild settlements (and elsewhere) will hold to. However, in truth the dragons were not truly content there, but there was nowhere further they could go yet. As landbound predators, dragons are simply too large to be able to thrive there, especially not in such numbers.
I'm speaking of the terms of the contract that the dragons should be content with the location where they were left. In other words, the contract was completed.