Full Version: Farseer? Are you out there?
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Was she truly the life of this forum?! Looks that way. We haven't seen her in a very very very long time, and that worries me. As much as she loved this space and this series, you'd figure we would see her either here or on Robin's newsgroup, but she hasn't been in either.

Farseer, where are you?!

I'm also looking for that anime list Joost posted somewhere but my digging/search capabilities are at a -20 today. Apparently.

Miss ya'll!
Oops, sorry Valarya, your post had stayed unapproved for awhile.

Yeah, Farseer hasn't been around here since April... I don't know about the newsgroup, I haven't been there on ages myself.
I had thrown a shout-out to her on the Newsgroup as well and then never went back myself.

I checked yesterday and it turns out she did show up some time in August and I just missed it. Seems she's super busy. No worries about the post not being approved. P

Now we know she's alive, anyway. Haha
Oh that's good to hear! Smiling

So where is everybody else then? Wink
Maybe everybody just wait for someone other to say something first.. I would be happy if the forum came back alive.
I guess with the coming out of Robin's new book "The Fool's Assassin" in spring 2014 it will probably become much more alive here.
But I still wonder, what's wrong with farseer. Perhaps some trouble in the background? In a way she was the heart of this side, I guess.
These beings are around occasionally. Just not too often. Checking in now and then.
(Nov-24-2013, 12:20 AM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]These beings are around occasionally. Just not too often. Checking in now and then.

Come more often. We hunt meat :3
It seems I've joined the Forum when you're all hibernating. I'm devouring all my Robin Hobb books at the minute it's been years since I read her last and I'm loving it! Once I've finished the live ships I'll be moving onto the Rain Wild Chronicles and finishing with piebald princess hopefully in time for new books in August. I've been going through a phase of re reading all my favourites. In the summer it was David Gemmell and in the Autumn it was P V Brett and Julian May. It's been great and not something I've done before, but will definitely do again.
Once another Hobb book is freshly released people will be eager to discuss it........the pièce de résistance will be the release of the first book in the Fitz/Fool series, The Fool's Assassin.