Full Version: King Shrewd first meets Fitz questions (Spoiler AA)
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So I just finished the inheritance short stories which prompt me to reread the entire series again Big Grin

My goal is to spot things I disregarded when I first read the book, whether it was not meant to be understood by first time readers or overlooked it.

Here is quotes from ch. 3 of assassins apprentice:

Now you are mine," he said; and made that claiming of me more important than any blood we shared. "You need not eat any man's leavings. I will keep you, and I will keep you well. If any man or woman ever seeks to turn you against me by offering you more than I do, then come to me, and tell me of the offer, and I shall meet it. You will never find me a stingy man, nor be able to cite ill use as a reason for treason against me. Do you believe me, boy?"......
......"Ah," he said softly, and I sensed a trace of regret in his voice and wondered what it was for. His eyes released me, and suddenly I was once more aware of my surroundings, of the puppies and the Great Hall and Regal watching me with fresh distaste on his face, and the Fool nodding enthusiastically in his vacant way. Then the King stood. When he turned away from me, a chill went over me, as if I had suddenly shed a cloak. It was my first experience of the Skill at the hands of a master.

When I first read the book I had no idea what the Skill was thus completely disregarding this encounter. By the time I figured it out, the matter had slipped away.

At first I saw it as Shrewd discovering the Skills potentials within Fitz? However with the "trace of regret," I wonder if that is true? I suppose that does complicate the matter...still, I can't fully grasp it.

My other theory is Shrewd had discovered the Wits within Fitz, as he had communicated with the pup during this encounter. I suppose that could also be a potential reason to Shrewd's "regret" ? However I seem to recall later on the FT Fitz had mentioned/concluded Shrewd not being aware of his Wits potential? I could be wrong, and I have yet to reach that part of the series.

What do you guys think?
I interpreted it as Shrewd using the skill to see what Fitz is thinking and realising that Fitz (Mr I trust no one) doesn't quite believe him.
I thought he was using a skill command to ensure loyalty and felt regret that he was to turn the boy, his grandson, into an assassin.
Shrewd was corrupting the innocent boy, however, Fitz represented Chivalry's downfall. Chivalry was Shrewd's favorite and was to inherit the kingdom. Although Shrewd gained a tool he lost his heir/son by virtue of Fitz's existence.
If I had the ability to peek into heads and I have to judge a person in a little time I have, I would "cheat" and check his/her mind.

On the other hand: I am a grandparent with the lonely telepatic ability, and two of my sons shares this, plus there is a haggard skill master. And suddenly there is a kid who is son of my son - I would check him if he has the ability too. It would mean: I'm less alone and despite everything: my bloodline is still strong.

And bringing the two idea together: if I make a pact with him, and he is able to understand the level of our bonding - the bond would be even stronger. Not only the material comfort but the comfort of not being alone in your unique talent.