Full Version: Weird and interesting TV facts
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I was just checking out episodes of Flight of the Conchords and I read that Bret was an extra in Lord of the Rings!!!!! (an elf!)

Who knew that?????

If it wasn't so late I would get out my DVDs right now - I am definitely checking that out tomorrow night.
OMG you didn't know Bret was Figwit? Point your browser to , pronto! Wink

Weird TV facts... let me see. How about... The Lone Gunmen is the only Chris Carter series where Terry O'Quinn (aka John Locke) didn't make an appearance? He actually had 3 different roles in the X-files (well 2 if you don't count the first movie) and he was a pretty important figure in both Harsh Realm and Millennium.
I didn't !!!!! AND you can imagine my shock at my ignorance when I read of it on the wikipedia. AND disturbingly when I saw the pic of him as Figwit I recognised it from the movie!!!!!
And I STILL haven't watched it again yet......

I love this:
"McKenzie has stated that the Figwit obsession is "weird", though he is "flattered". He has remarked that "it's so hilarious because it's been propelled by so little ... I'm famous for doing nothing."
Has he SEEN the internet???? That's basically all it's about - people who are famous for doing nothing!!!

Thanks for the link to figwitlives. Do NOT let my mum see that site. She will be FURIOUS that there's a figurine of this Figwit but NO figurine of HALDIR !!!!! (unless there now is one - I must say I haven't checked lately)

ps I was definitely ignorant of your weird TV fact
Weird TV facts? Galactica 1980 was made. That is all.
Wow maybe I should rename the thread - stuff on TV I am clueless about!
Hehehe I hadn't heard of Galactica 1980 - it sounds pretty freaky. Although I think some of the ideas may have made their way into the recent BG .....

Here's another thing on TV I was clueless about. I don't know about other countries but The Simpsons has been repeated about a million times here in Aus. Anyhoo, I just recently realised in that episode where Troy Maclure is in a stage musical based on Planet of the Apes the song 'Dr Zaius' is based on 'Rock me Amadeus' (an old 80's song)
I must have seen that episode so many times before I clicked! (I realised one time when I heard the song somewhere..... but I HAD heard it before)
I should warn you. I have seen half the episodes (Only ten were ever made) of Galactica 1980 and it's shit. Absolutely the worst thing I have ever seen. And I'm not even going into the stuff happening behind the scenes...
How did a guy your age ever end up watching Galactica '80. Surely they didn't rerun it?
This is going to be embarrasing:

I bought the DVD box set.

Why? Out of a perverse collectors' need to own all of Glalactica, ALL of it. *Hangs head in shame.*
Hahaha confessions!!!!!

I don't know if Galactica 1980 ever screened here, but I found out from someone that it sounds as if at least some of the episodes were just tacked onto the end of the old Battlestar Galactica series. That must have been very strange!! (from what I read on wikipedia about the content of Galactica 1980, eg most of the cast disappearing)
Weird TV Fact: I watched Robin Hood Ep 1 Season 3 to see Harry Lloyd because he is going to be in the HBO Game of Thrones and it turned out he left the show at the end of the last season..... so I watched half a crummy show for nothing....

The End.
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