Full Version: Epic RotE re-read of 2014
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Just finished Fool's Errand. What a wonderful book, I've been through so many emotions with it. I'm absolutely hooked on Hobb once more and glad to be back in the saddle - if not a little sad at certain events (!).

I'm also glad I didn't read everything she's written straight after the Farseer trilogy - it's good to pace yourself with a writer as good as this.
(Mar-24-2014, 02:29 PM (UTC))Mervi Wrote: [ -> ]But you're a quick reader joost, aren't you?
Fairly quick, but unfortunately I don't have as much time to read as I used to.

This is gonna sound blasphemous, but I am considering starting the new trilogy only when I have all three books in my possession.
(Apr-04-2014, 08:36 AM (UTC))joost Wrote: [ -> ]This is gonna sound blasphemous, but I am considering starting the new trilogy only when I have all three books in my possession.

Oh, I could never wait for that!

I finished AA last night. Going to start RA today. The ending always surprises me - how lightly Verity takes Regal's betrayal... And I still wonder where Shrewd is in this? Is he taking Regal's side?
I've always thought that Shrewd has a soft spot when it comes to Regal. Like he's totally aware of all the awful things that Regal gets up to but keeps telling himself that surely Regal will grow up and become wiser one day. It kinda doesn't make a lot of sense because he's quite strict and even cold otherwise when it comes to parenting (the testing of Fitz's loyalty for example) but then maybe Shrewd never imagined a situation where Regal would come to true power so he's more lax toward him? Or maybe for whatever reason Regal's upbringing was almost solely Desire's doing and later on it's too late for Shrewd to do much about it? I have a feeling we're going to find out more about the dynamics of Shrewd's court in FA...
I like having read Tawny Man before Liveship *shrugs*

My re-read is going to start tomorrow Smiling
I just finished Royal Assassin. Wow. I hadn't read that book in 7 years. It did not disappoint. Now I remember why I am a lifelong fan. And I completely forgot about the zombie fitz ending. Blew me away a second time. Staring AQ!
I'm a bit behind you Chris - just read the part were Fitz fights the Forget ones over the poor baby *cries* And the realization he later gets that he cares for the people of the Six Duchies like his uncle and grandfather and Chade. Beautiful, moving, makes you cry even more.

(How come we don't have a crying emoticon? I sure could use it quite a lot!)
It's happening again. In the end of RA I get so sucked up to the story that I don't remember to have any pauses and I just have to start AQ right away.

I remember that waiting for AQ to come out in pb was AWFUL. Sorry wiki, you lost again - I have noted a few things I meant to check if they are there but then I just continued to read!
First time I read AQ I finished it in 2 days, basically non-stop reading.

My completely different reread of Wheel of time is going slower than I expected. Finished book 4 a few days ago, so that's about 2 weeks per book.
I have now finished the AQ. My eyes are red and puffy.

This time the scene that touched me the most was the one where Fitz helps Kettle take her walls down and thus she is able to Skill again. It is so true! We make our walls ourselves. We have to remember to talk about our grievances and not nurture them alone and let us separate us from the ones we love. RH really knows human nature better than almost any other writer I have read.

Going to continue with Fool's Errand, skipping the Liveships. I think I have only read FF twice, so now it is time to give this series another chance.
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