Full Version: Epic RotE re-read of 2014
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I finished the re-read of the Rainwild Chronicles in April.

The about 4th Big Grin re-read of Farseer I, LS-trilogy and Farseer II I will probably start in June, so that I should be ready for Fool's Assassin in August. Although I can also imagine that I will wait until at least the second book is out. I already pre-ordered FA though. Just a good feeling to have it at home and look at it Wink. And be able to start whenever I want Clapping.
There is a nice summer of reading ahead Yay.

(And perhaps Mr. Martin will come out with WoW in this year. Hope dies lastCrying.)
Almost done with Golden Fool. After the first trilogy, it amazes me how little time actually passes in these books!
Finished FF almost week ago. After all the tears I shed reading the first trilogy, I was amazed how little I cried reading these.

I was more than content with the ending. I thought it left Fitz in a good place, even if I wanted to know where the Fool and Prilkop had gone - but we know, they went to the island where the school is.

There are two things that make Fool's Fate not so good as a book. First, there is this "suddenly Fitz has so much elfbark that he can't Skill at all" and the other "Fitz gets lost in the pillars and is missing for weeks". I don't like these two things. They are too big plot holes, not consistent to the world we are used to. Please let me know if you think they have more logic than what I'm giving to them.

And I don't think I have to explain this Dance
I've just finished Fool's Errand. I find this book immensely impressive.
I thought I'd be okay this time round with... a certain bit near the end, but no, I wept like a little girl again. (I don't think any other book has had this effect on me ever.) This was at 2am. I'm now drifting around feeling bereaved.

The chapter earlier on where Fitz is interrogating the archer is heartbreaking too in a very different way. I don't think it's affected me as much on the previous reads. Not sure why it does now; presumably I'm older (certainly) and wiser (arguably).

The whole book has a deep sense of tragedy to me. And there's something about the sudden shift from the rather epic feel of the end of Farseer and all of Liveships, to a kind of very intimate story with its small cast and, as noted above, concentrated timeline, that I find very powerful.
The certain bit near the end - it will NOT get better!!! Even after the third re-read I was comletely shattered. I startet a complete re-read of the Realm of the Elderlings some weeks ago (holiday) and just began Fool's Errand yesterday. And I'm already afraid of that special passage. I know I will be in tears and again mourn the loss together with Fitz and the others.
But still - i want to be prepared for The Fool's Assassin and there is no better way than going through all of Fitz's ups and downs, isn't there?!Undecided
I'm at book #12 (out of 14) of Wheel of time. So my plan to be finished with WOT when Fool's assassin would arrive fails, since I received a mail this morning that it's being sent today.
(Aug-12-2014, 03:52 PM (UTC))joost Wrote: [ -> ]I'm at book #12 (out of 14) of Wheel of time. So my plan to be finished with WOT when Fool's assassin would arrive fails, since I received a mail this morning that it's being sent today.

Oh man, haha. You definitely won't get through the last 2 books quickly, either. The ENTIRE last book is a battle. That isn't a spoiler as it's pretty obvious. Are you loving WoT? Don't want to derail this thread.. just had to ask. Wink

I'm 1/3rd of the way through Fool's Assassin and just happier than I've been in SO LONG. The Stormlight Archives made me very happy, but there's nothing like new Fitz to soothe that long ache of missing him so.
Well, I only got through TWPATPP and the Farseer trilogy. I'm still planning on continuing through the rest of the books after I've read FA which hopefully should arrive in the mail in the next few days. There were lots of reasons I couldn't keep up with my planned schedule, including I was stupid enough to believe I could just reread them straight through without a) ending up making notes for the wiki AGAIN and b) being emotionally exhausted.
(Aug-13-2014, 05:41 AM (UTC))Valarya Wrote: [ -> ]Are you loving WoT? Don't want to derail this thread..
Further derailment in the WoT thread in 'Other universes' Smiling.

I'm still thinking whether to read book 1 after WoT (or perhaps as a break between 12 and 13) or to wait until the full trilogy has arrived.
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