Full Version: Epic RotE re-read of 2014
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So I accidentally reread the Wilful Princess last night (you know how it is, you touch the spine of one of Those Books and sit down and suddenly several hours have disappeared and you're staring at the last page) and I started thinking: I'd really really like to refreshen my memory of everything that's happened before we get Fool's Assassin in August. So I did a bit of calculating and if we assume FA is released around LonCon (supported by current amazon dates) there's about 20 weeks to go, and there's 19 stories if you count the short ones too so... a story/a week should be doable and there's even some flexibility because obviously it won't take a week to read The Inheritance for example.

So, here's a topic for the project. If you're already doing a reread, partial or the whole thing, or if you're thinking about it, or have decided to just read some books and not others, feel free to jump in and talk about it. Almost needless to say but THERE WILL BE SPOILERS HERE.

I haven't made a schedule yet but I'll try to stick to the chronological order with the trilogies at least. I'll be doing some dog/house-sitting next week so I'm hoping to get a good start with AA.
I'm in! I'm going to start with RA because I've re-read AA several times already.

If anyone is on goodreads like me I just found out that re-reads can count towards your yearly goal. Just read/review a different version (kindle/paperback/hardback) and you get credit.
I'm currently in the middle (well, 1/7th actually, since I finished book 2 on saturday) of the entire Wheel of time series, so RotE has to wait until later this year.
But you're a quick reader joost, aren't you?

I'm expecting to breeze through the first couple of books, but then I'll probably try to take notes from Fool's Fate onwards until the Tawny Man books for the wiki. Though I should already have handwritten notes for FF in that place called "somewhere"...
Hello everyone. I'm also doing a reread and am three quarters of the way through AA now. Though I've read it often (though the last time was perhaps five years ago), and I've never doubted that it's marvellous. I always seem to forget just HOW wonderful it is and how much I love it. And how, like no other book, it takes me back to the time that I first read it, and conjures up those same imaginings of the world and the characters. Ah.

What I am struck by, though, is how quickly everything seems to happen. Obviously it's a short book by the standards of many of those that follow, but given how much ground is being laid (and actually how subtle and intricate the plot is, with all sorts of background threads being hinted at that aren't explored until a lot later) I can't help wishing it were twice as long. Of course I'm also finding it very hard to read it slowly....
Hello, long time no see and so on.

I've started my AA re-read. Fitz just met Patience for the first time. Big Grin

It has been a while since my previous re-read. I think I might skip Liveships though, because I might want to read some other books too. Like the Lindholm books, because I'm hoping there will be a Megan Lindholm interview in Loncon! At least I suggested they should do that...
I'm reading The Tawny Man trilogy for the first time. So far so good, I'm a little further than the bookmark shown here.

The Fool has *changed* - I assume this happened during LST, which I haven't read..? Am I missing anything critical?
(Mar-26-2014, 07:43 PM (UTC))nettletea Wrote: [ -> ]The Fool has *changed* - I assume this happened during LST, which I haven't read..? Am I missing anything critical?

Yes you are! I suggest you put the Tawny Man aside until you've read LST. If you read the Tawny before Liveships, the best part of LST will be spoiled because you already know...
awwww - now I'm in a quandary. I'm seven chapters into Fool's Errand, and Ship of magic is actually here on my shelf.

I could cry.. I just want to keep reading but now I'm afraid :-)
I do rather feel that Fool's Errand should have a big sticker on the front saying READ LIVESHIPS FIRST!!! Smiling
Obviously anyone is free to do whatever they like, but I do feel for those who unknowingly decide to skip it and thereby spoil lots of things. Not to mention the fact that it's exquisite in its own right.
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