Full Version: Tips for using the forum
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If you're mentioning something that you think might spoil the plot you can, and should, use the spoiler tag.
For example if you compare Fitz and Nevarre in a discussion about the Farseer trilogy, and mention details about Nevare's story to illustrate your point. You don't need to hide spoilers in a discussion that is clearly labelled to be about the topic you're discussing, for example what happens to Thymara in a discussion titled "City of Dragons".
Here's how to use the spoiler code:

You can either write
[spoiler]Nevare's last name is Burvelle[/spoiler]
which will create
or you can write
[spoiler=WARNING! Spoilers about the first trilogy behind the cut]Keep an eye on the maids[/spoiler]
which will result in

wikifying links (works again but requires a new tag!)
You can link to articles in the PlentyWiki simply by using a bit of code around a word (it should be a name or a term that can be found at Plentywik)i.
For example
[wp]Burrich[/wp] is one of my all-time favourites
gives you Burrich is one of my all-time favourites.

tagging users (this is still an experimental thing)
You can draw a user's attention to a discussion by tagging them. This works by adding the @-symbol in front of their username (for example: @Mervi - please note that there is no space!). When you tag someone, it sends them a private message (and additionally, depending on their settings, an email).
If you find this annoying, you can disable emails about PMs in your profile settings or you can choose to only accept them from people in your buddy list. It has been reported that tagging doesn't necessarily work with usernames that contain spaces.

User titles
This board includes a system of user titles that are based on the number of posts made. The titles are currently the following:

* nameless the dog-boy (Minimum Posts: 0)
* newboy (Minimum Posts: 1)
* fitz (Minimum Posts: 50)
* changer (Minimum Posts: 100)
* catalyst (Minimum Posts: 250)
* beloved (Minimum Posts: 750)

You can also change your title to whatever you want in your profile.