Full Version: Assassin's Apprentice comic book (possible spoilers)
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I just saw the news that these books are being released in Dutch (1st volume half november). I had one of the French volumes in my hands while visiting Brussels, but decided not to buy it due to the language barrier, but a Dutch translation may find its way to my bookshelves.
I hope they'll be translated to English eventually! I have to say I was surprised to find out about the Dutch translation, I'd think it's a bit risky to start translating something before it's finished (there's only 4 albums yet out of the 9 that are planned) but then the Dutch have always been quick to publish anything Robin Hobb related. Smiling (There was a time when Dutch translations actually preceded the English 1st editions, was it Fool's Fate that was out in Dutch a couple of months before the original was published?)
Fool's errand was definitely released in a Dutch translation before the English version.

I just looked at the price. €17,50 per book (48 pages), that's quite expensive. Not sure I'll buy them...
(Nov-04-2010, 02:14 PM (UTC))Mervi Wrote: [ -> ]I hope they'll be translated to English eventually!

Happyballoon I agree!
This latest news from Robin, via the Newsgroup, regarding the Hobb works from Soleil:

Quote:The Liveship Traders will become a graphic novel from Soleil.

In French, of course, but I'm over the moon about this. Signed the contracts this morning.

They did a great job on Farseer!

Further info from Robin via her site is that, yes, these are available in Dutch but not English.

Here is a link to a page that contains some sample/preview pages from Royal Assassin, as well as other covers etc for each of the graphic novels that span the book. Please note that the link I have provided is different to that which Robin provided. Robin's link is here, which appears (to me) to be more of a forum than sample pages but, then, I can't read French. Smiling Please let me know if it's otherwise and I've missed something!

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