Full Version: [from news] Fool's Assassin reviews roundup
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Mellow the Minstrel

Fool's Assassin reviews roundup

The first reviews of Fool's Assassin are in! Before you go read them, a word of warning: there are some spoilers, especially if you read them all which makes it easier to draw conclusions. If you want to read a spoiler-free review, check out the one from the British Fantasy Society. And if you're one of the lucky ones with an advance reading copy, please remember to warn about spoilers if you think they're necessary to include in your review!

And here are the first reviews: Publisher's Weekly gave Fool's Assassin a starred review, Starburst magazine gave it 9/10 and Pat's Fantasy Hotlist 8/10.

Fool's Assassin will be available the 12th of August. The wiki page for FA is up to date with all information on different editions and translations coming out in the next few months. Haven't preordered a copy yet? Try our affiliates:,,
Just a heads up: there's a Kirkus review (which I'm not going to link to) of Fool's Assassin that is really horribly spoilery. I'm getting the sense that the reviewer didn't much like the book and that's why they thought it didn't matter that they revealed huge spoilers. It's basically all the details you could find hinted at in other reviews put together and described in more detail. Very disappointing from a well-known source of book reviews.