Full Version: Timeline of events?
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I was wondering if anyone here knows of a timeline somewhere that had major events from the RotE placed and dated in order. I've done some google searches and all I can find are reading orders and chronological orders of the books, which is not so helpful as having read the all of the books now I know a general outline of their order. It would be nice, however, to have a visual aid to look at and see exactly (or approximately) how much time passed between known major events in the stories, as well as historical events in the entirety of the RotE.
I haven't come across a timeline but it would be a really good idea! I start jotting down the major events and an estimate of Fitz's age at each of them, but it would be pretty painstaking to go back through the whole series and match up the years everything happened.

I'm currently half way through a re-read of Fool's Assassin and there is one timeline/inconsistency that is really bugging me:
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Thanks for the reply! Yeah I've finished my re-read now (so good), so I must have just come up with that idea the first time I read it,
Looking too deep!

Also, I found a discussion on the timeline over at reddit if anyone's interested: