Full Version: Mythical Creatures/Folk (Spoilers ALL Books, including Words Like Coins)
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I don't know if it is of any significance at all but I had to put this here to come back to later...though I was supposed to go to bed!

I have just remembered that Fool's sceptre was Ratsy, the rat. Fool also carved a marionette in the Mountain Kingdom that bore "an uncanny resemblance to Ratsy". This intrigues me as a possible link to pecksies (as well as cats) as they enjoy hunting rats?

Also, to go WAY back to an earlier post of mine regarding an ancient race:

(May-18-2010, 12:09 AM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: [ -> ]I also remember an opening of a chapter where Fitz talked about an [i]ancient race that lived way beyond the ancient race who he said something about being at one with the world or universe and therefore it eluded to them possibly being a Witted-like race.

In this, I wasn't sure if this race that he talked about was simply the Elderlings or was a different race of possibly ancient Old Blood-like ones (I do remember thinking at the time that it certainly didn't sound like he was eluding to the Elderlings, particularly as he spoke of the race as being far beyond the Mountain Kingdom (of course, the same could be said of Kelsingra but I got the feeling that Kelsingra, though definitely far north of chartered territory, was still quite a way south of where this ancient race had been known to dwell).

It is why I believe that we will yet see giants emerge in the upper regions of the realm's maps! [/i]

I found this different, but similar, bit of text at the beginning of Chapter Twenty-Three of AQ:

"...Yet old as these songs are, there is an even older rumour of a more ancient ruler and capital city (than the MK Sacrifice or Jhaampe, as is mentioned just before this). The Mountain Kingdom, as we know it today, consists almost entirely of the wandering folk and settlements on the eastern flanks of the Mountains. Beyond the Mountains lie the icy shores that border the White Sea (this area can be seen on the SD maps). Some few trade routes still meander through the sharp teeth of the Mountains to reach the hunting folk who live in that snowy place. To the south of the Mountains are the unsettled forests of the Rain Wilds, and somewhere the source of the Rain River that is the boundary of the Chalced States. These are the only lands and folks that have been truly chartered beyond the Mountains. Yet there have always been legends of another land, one locked and lost in the peaks beyond the Mountain Kingdom...."

"...In some areas, it is said that great steams and smokes pour up from cracks in the mountain and that the earth may tremble quietly or wrench itself in violent shakings..."

"...Regarding that land, we have the usual tales that distant lands spawn. Dragons and giants, ancient tumbledown cities, savage unicorns, treasure hoards and secret maps, dusty streets paved with gold, valleys of eternal spring where the water rises steaming from the ground, dangerous sorcerers spell-locked in caves of gems and ancient sleeping evils embedded in the earth. All are said to reside in the ancient, nameless land beyond the boundaries of the Mountain Kingdom."

So many possibilities...Yay !!
i feel left out not having a copy of 'words like coins'.
You are not alone. These beings known as 'thul also lack a copy of it.
me three!
I just went to find you some cheap copies on-line and came across this on the Amazon site:

A Fantasy Medley [Hardcover]
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Crikey, they're not asking much Uhhuh !
Well, there's only about 3200 copies in existence, so...
Geees I;ll keep my eye out for that one in the used book section of the op shop!!
[[Pecksie]] info is now in the wiki, if anyone's interested P !
3200 isn't that small. I have a Clive Barker book of which there are less than 2000 copies (1500 trade edition, 300 slipcase, 26 traycase and 10 handmade covers). Clive Barker is a bigger name than Robin Hobb, and the trade version can be bought new for $50.
(May-19-2010, 09:30 AM (UTC))Nuytsia Wrote: [ -> ]Lord Punctual you took the words right out of my mouth!
I was going to say :
(May-18-2010, 04:02 PM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: [ -> ]the oracle of the Out Islands was said to be "raven haired and black eyed"...that she "lived for many generations, but remained young" (no doubt due to the Skill?). It goes on to mention how she came out to accept offerings of animal sacrifice and did so "in the name of the dragon" .
OMG PRILLKOP! Also a woman/man!
And I am not entirely sure I was joking......

Ha, ha...have only truly read this just now and love it Big Grin ! Just for a total spin-out, there was also said to be a female oracle on Others Island (from the way it was written via Kennit's viewpoint, it seemed to be a physical person, not, say, SWR who could be mistaken for a human). That it has been written that Fool was thought to at some stage come from Others Island (oooh, and could thus have been that female oracle!), makes yours and LP's stretch less of a stretch P !!!!
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