Full Version: What's happening in your world?
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(Dec-24-2012, 03:13 PM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: [ -> ]Mervi actually lives in Finland, Valarya, but has been on an extended LotR/New Zealand holiday.

Surrender Mervi, can you give me tips on how extended-vacations work? Please? Lol P

(Dec-24-2012, 03:13 PM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: [ -> ]It's a tad past midnight here Down Under so, already having clicked over to Christmas Day, here's wishing those of you who celebrate it a 'Merry Christmas'. Slurp

Yay!! Merry Christmas, Farseer. Magic It's only 10am on Christmas Eve here. Hope you're enjoying your time with family.

[Image: ps-smilies-christmas.gif]
it be just past midnight here, and christmas eve is finished.
Wishing you all a magical year in 2013 or, as I said over at the Newsgroup, at least some ups to balance any downs that may come your way. Slurp

If nothing else, we have two Hobb publications coming, right?! Big Grin Yay
That would be correct.

Merry Easter (or whatever it was?)

A Merry New Year to you all! Big Grin
(Dec-31-2012, 11:38 PM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: [ -> ]If nothing else, we have two Hobb publications coming, right?! Big Grin Yay

TWO!? What's the one besides the final installment of the RWC?

That would be the short story 'The Willful Princess and the Piebald Prince', Valarya! Big Grin Yay

Info here:

Sorry, as I can't make the links work at present.
Oh awesome! You know, I still haven't read all of Hobb's short stories, yet. Blushing
You should fix that, Valarya.

Just thought I'd pop in and mention that I've just finished my spring exams, so hopefully I'll be around a bit more now Smiling