Full Version: What's happening in your world?
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These beings have an exam in just a few days.
(Jan-23-2013, 05:51 PM (UTC))londonlassie Wrote: [ -> ]Just thought I'd pop in and mention that I've just finished my spring exams, so hopefully I'll be around a bit more now Smiling

That is "most excellent", londonlassie. Yay How much more study do you still have to do before you complete your course?

Very busy myself at the moment but I will return to resume my debate *sideways glance Dodgy at those beings known as 'thul, and joost who rhymes with toast*! Knight
I've got roughly five months to go...the going is getting very tough and boring right now, especially when there are Hobb books to be read! P

Oh, good luck with your exam, 'thul beings! Smiling
It went fairly well, 'thul thinks. Even if not much studying went fulfilled.

These beings took the theoretical part of an avalanche rescue course this last weekend and will take the practical part the coming weekend. Considering last weekend's temperatures, it is promising to be nice and comfortable there. was about -30 C then, but current forecast says a mere -11-12 C. Hopefully that'll change for the colder.
The Netherlands will be a queenless country in a few months. One king richer though. I'm curious to see if Willem-Alexander can have the same presence as his mother. Queen Beatrix was, IMO, one of the best export products this country has had in the past 20 years.
That did come up in newspapers here.
I was just cleaning up after breakfast, over in the cookhouse, and saw this piece of news re Queen Beatrix amongst all of our Queensland flood stories that are being broadcast at present. Smiling

Her stepping down has now caused people to (again!) speculate when Queen Elizabeth will step aside, despite the fact that it is well known that she considers the role of a queen as a role for life.

May the next five months be a smooth ride, londonlassie! :clapping

Glad to hear your exams went well, 'thul beings. Slurp

Extremely busy here...! Surrender
If it means Charlie will ascend the throne, then I'd rather Lizzie stayed where she was. Undecided
Agreed! Crown P
it was exam (singular).

Some royals are just silly, others show great promise.

These beings hope it is quite a while yet before king Harald V dies. Though they have never personally spoken to him, they have spoken to Queen Sonja. Alas the picture taken with her was lost before 'thul could get a copy of it.
Crown prince Haakon shows great promise, though.