Full Version: What's happening in your world?
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Well, it is only 18C here but humidity is 95% (water droplets are condensing out of the air)! However, I am traveling to Turkey soon, where I expect much higher temperatures.

I visited Israel in July 2003 and actually enjoyed the heat. It was nice to be able to sleep outdoors without having to worry about getting cold or wet. Sleeping on the beach after a swim in the Dead Sea was probably a bad idea though. That salt may be good for you but I think that it is possible to overdose...
40C and humid! That's brutal. I used to live in Perth (Australia) where we'd get high 30's through most of summer, but it wasn't humid at all. Still too hot for me, glad I moved!!
It's 10.3 C here right now!!
Humidity 71% ! Hmm I'm pretty sure it's usually a lot higher than that (it's winter here and night time)

You do a lot of travel maulkin! I'm envious!
I've never been to Turkey and I actually know very little about it......

Happening in my world:
Recovering sleep after watching the World Cup .....
Catching up on internet time after World Cup ......
STILL waiting for rain - about to run out of water AGAIN ! What is going on ????
Hurt my shoulder and going to the physio ... ouch!
We've had temperatures over 30°C here which for me is unbearably hot (at least 10 degrees over my comfort zone) which has kept me away from computer and incapable of doing anything useful. I absolutely hate this kind of weather. Down
Yeah too hot for me too Mervi! I can handle 30 if I must, but if it gets to mid 30's for too long I can't do anything outside at all!
20 is nice!
It's 5.7 here right now.

Foolmoon - I have an annoying tendency to get skin-burns whenever i spend 15 minutes in the sun!
How can you stand an hour in the sun when it's 40 degrees? I would be dead. I have literally got sunburned in 15 minutes. Skin cancer is pretty bad in Australia so we have a lot of public education campaigns about not going into the sun in summer without sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, long sleeves etc. Not everyone takes heed of that of course.
Although where I am now (almost as far South in Aus as you can go) apparently some people get Vitamin D deficiency from NOT going out in the sun enough in winter!!
I feel so foreign when I read the posts in this thread, and I'm so glad you set it up, Nuytsia...makes me see things through the eyes of others! I especially couldn't help but have a chuckle at your comment, Mervi Smiling .

It is about 26 degrees (mid-winter in Australia) here at the moment, and I'm COLD, especially my fingers which are uncovered for typing! I have to admit that most of it is wind chill as we have so few trees out here on the Downs, except for around the house compound and various watercourses.

Sounds like the temperatures in Israel are similar to that here in Queensland, particularly North Queensland, where I am, though, thankfully, ours is mostly a dry heat unless during a rainy wet season. A temperature in the forties is usually in the shade here in summer, when we tend to wake up quite early to begin a day's work, have extra time off during the hottest part of the day, and then work on well into the evening. Certainly any major mustering of cattle that we need to do is usually undertaken during the winter months. Most people also complete their shearing then as well.

Funny you have been so busy watching the World Cup, Nuytsia...for a time you swapped the prophecies of Fool and SWR for those touted by a squid in a tank (and which were proven right Uhhuh !!).

I also agree...maulkin, you no doubt have a spectrum of memories and experiences that mirrors the quantity of those held by your namesake!!!!
I am embarking on a two-week vacation to France tomorrow, so I'm afraid you'll have to miss me for that time. See you around!
You WILL be missed but I hope you have a FANTASTIC time, Albertosaurus Rex!! France...WOW...I would love to see a pic or two when you get back!!
(Jul-15-2010, 02:14 AM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: [ -> ]Funny you have been so busy watching the World Cup, Nuytsia...for a time you swapped the prophecies of Fool and SWR for those touted by a squid in a tank (and which were proven right Uhhuh !!).
That squid is DYNAMITE!
Hehehe wonder how many people made bets based on the squid? Wish I had!
Did you end up watching any of the World Cup matches?
Hey I thought your wet season was summer - but it sounds like the wet season is not correlated to your hottest time? Or does it not normally get so wet where you are as it does around the coast?

Albertosaurus have a great time! I would love to go back to France to explore - I've only been once for an all too brief time.
Will love to hear which bits you went to.
Here I am again
Just wanted to show ya'll this. No wonder we are running out of water, check the map.
Yes, no wonder!!! Long live the BOM site though...a fantastic resource, even for bad news!