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Hey guys, remember the paper that I said was garbage? I got a 7,5 for it. (I don't know about other countries, but in the Netherlands tests are graded between 1 and 10, making 7,5 a pretty decent grade.) I feel I really don't deserve it, but hey, I'm not complaining...
That's fantastic news, AR - BRAVO Clapping !

(Dec-08-2010, 03:21 PM (UTC))Mervi Wrote: [ -> ]Could be the early and heavy snowing in Europe if it's coming from/through here. Basically every order I've made online for this holiday season is/has been late (even the ones coming from the Åland islands which are usually delivered the day after ordering were delayed). Even the UK Amazon posted a notice in their front page last week about the situation.

No...*sigh*...could be that I DIDN'T even preorder it like I thought I did Whistling !!!

Even worse, I have just realised that I ordered a book of Trudi Canavan's from TBD only a couple of days ago (and has since been dispatched) that I'd already ordered and even received back in the September holidays...I just hadn't gone the next step and put it on a shelf Blink .

What did Fool say to Fitz about Shrewd repeating himself? Something about he must really mean it if he says it twice? I must have really wanted that book!!! Surrender
^ LOL Big Grin
There's a healthy -17°C outside, the sun is shining and everything is covered in snow. I swear the birch trees opposite my window are glittering, I wish I could show it to you all but it's so difficult to capture with a camera (I've tried before). It looks literally magical. It's 1PM and the sun will set in about 2 hours. May I never get tired of the wonders of winter. Wub
My mom is in Finland right now (Hämeenlinna), I wonder how she's coping with the cold Big Grin.
(Dec-13-2010, 11:46 AM (UTC))Mervi Wrote: [ -> ]It's 1PM and the sun will set in about 2 hours.

The sun setting at 3pm is simply beyond my imagining...!
Joost, I bet Hämeenlinna (the actual castle & the surrounding area) looks gorgeous right now! If you want to check the local weather forecast this is a good link.

Farseer, we get about five and a half hours daylight right now and I consider that to be quite a lot since I live in "the south". P A bit more than a week to go to Winter Solstice, so it'll get shorter still! One of the reasons I'm so happy about the cold is that it means we have proper snow. Proper snow = the short days don't bother me. This time of the year can be incredibly miserable and tough when it's all rain and sleet and 19 hours of darkness + 5 hours of greyness but YAY REAL WINTER!!! *is a fan* (One of the reasons I enjoyed [[The Reindeer People]] so much is that the winter descriptions are so spot on and beautifuk.)
* Sunrise 09:09
* Sunset 15:13

* Moonrise 11:58
* Moonset 02:12

Only 13.6 here... But at least the freezing extends down to at least 20cm into the ground. Only +3.3 degrees at 1m under the ground...

Not all that far from here: * Sunrise 10:37 * Sunset 13:18
(Dec-13-2010, 06:38 PM (UTC))Mervi Wrote: [ -> ]This time of the year can be incredibly miserable and tough when it's all rain and sleet and 19 hours of darkness + 5 hours of greyness but YAY REAL WINTER!!!

I honestly doubt I could operate in such conditions Undecided ...unless I was allowed to shut down altogether and just hole up in a warm room with books all day/night?! How do you all overcome the difficulties involved with going on living, attending school and work etc? The cold is one thing but rain and sleet, let alone a lack of light, as well?

Of course, I do read books, watch movies etc about all of this but obviously have little true understanding or appreciation for the circumstances. It's midnight and I'm still in need of air-conditioning with the temperature currently at 34 degrees inside!

At the moment sunrise is at 05:42 (with first light around 5:18) and sunset at 19:06 (with last light around 19:30, though driving home here earlier tonight, the sky was still light at 20:00). Of course, we are approaching our Summer Solstice P .

At Winter Solstice next year, sunrise is set for 7:02 and sunset will be around 17:55, so we will still get a good eleven hours of sunshine even in the dead of our North Queensland winter.

I just checked the link for Hämeenlinna, and shivered...!
How do we cope? Some better, some not so much. SAD is a very real thing, despite the funny abbreviation. But I guess the short winter days is something you get used to, especially if you've lived here your whole life. And on the other hand we get those crazy summer nights when the sun almost doesn't set at all (or well, doesn't set at all if you go really up north) - I guess that balances things out. I couldn't imagine a life without four distinct seasons. Smiling But yeah, things like light therapy lamps or taking melatonin seem to help some people and the good old healthy nutrition + exercise is something to be kept in mind. But I honestly think that in a perfect world we would actually allow ourselves to "slow down" for winter months without feeling guilty about it - it's just the natural order of things that our bodies respond to the lack of light. So I fully support the "staying home reading a book and drinking lots of hot chocolate or tea" scheme when possible! P