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Quick jump on to say Merry Xmas and ect.
We get anything cool?
(Dec-26-2010, 12:57 AM (UTC))Liquid Ice Wrote: [ -> ]Quick jump on to say Merry Xmas and ect.
We get anything cool?

Along with my pasta maker (which is TERRIFIC and is simple to use!), I got some really nice things as well as useful things. My favourite thing though, was a Camp Oven Tripod. My husband and kids secretly made a homemade one for me down in our shed (bending, welding and painting the steel etc) and it is as good, if not better, than a shop-bought product. It sounds simple (and not particularly "cool"!) but I love cooking things outdoors and camp ovens, which we have a number of and use quite often, are perfect for cooking food over the open fire no matter where you are. Many times we have even just had a fire out the back and cooked dinner sitting around the fire as a family ... much more intimate than a barbeque and especially nice in the winter.

Throughout the year everyone in our family adds items to a wish list and most gifts purchased, for whatever reason, are bought from each person's list and this ensures we all get things that we may want, though we never know exactly what we're actually going to get or the type etc. It's always fun trying to keep everything secret, though it's a tough job when we all have to go to town and back in a car together, and try to buy things from the same shops (seeing as we don't live in town and can't just pop down to a shop or two when the others are otherwise occupied)! Still, we sometimes still buy 'randoms' that we think the others will like eg I bought my husband some golf clubs etc this year and we spent a good couple of hours on Christmas Day all losing golf balls together! Big Grin
Awesome that your husband and kids went and made something like that for you Farseer P
Just found out GRRM is going to have a book signing event at a local bookstore soon in January. So there.

I never know what to say at signing events though. Blink
A busy night tonight (celebrating the New Year and also my eldest son's 18th birthday), so, I am getting in early to wish you all a FANTASTIC 2011...we're getting a Hobb book soon so it just HAS to be a great year, right?! Big Grin
Shouldn't we be getting "The Next Book" too? That would make an even better year. But anyway, I'm looking forward to 2011 and The Inheritance.

Also, I won a copy of Wild Cards at Nethspace blog! Yay!
(Dec-31-2010, 10:51 AM (UTC))Albertosaurus Rex Wrote: [ -> ]Shouldn't we be getting "The Next Book" too? That would make an even better year.

Oh, yes, here's hoping! Yay

(Dec-31-2010, 10:51 AM (UTC))Albertosaurus Rex Wrote: [ -> ]Also, I won a copy of Wild Cards at Nethspace blog! Yay!

That's fantastic news, AR!
I finally got my present for xmas:

Oh, WOW Yay - that's just AWESOME, joost!!!! I love that they aren't in CD format...just seeing the covers takes me back to lots of fun times dancing around the record player! Dance *drowning in the ABBA memories*
Just listening to a segment on an early morning TV show here in Australia...and there's talk of ABBA finally agreeing to a possible reunion tour Clapping . Agnetha hasn't been wanting to take part but apparently she has recently relented. Maybe this is why your package was released joost, to promote interest in a possible reunion tour?

Heading off to the south-east corner of the state today, taking my son to his pilot's course. To get there, I will have to make my way through many recently flood-affected areas so here's hoping I don't get stuck between rivers (or, worse, end up downstream!) on the way.