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I cooked dinner (lamb and oven baked veggies) & dessert for my family for Easter.

Now I know all you Aussies and Kiwis are going to tell me all that's wrong in this
[Image: pav.jpg]
but let me tell you it was a success among the uninitiated. Proud
It looks and sound perfect to me, Mervi! Clapping Pavlova...yummo!

Today I will be whipping up the usual ANZAC Day fare of ANZAC Biscuits - Lest We Forget. All the while, as we begin yet another school term, I am keeping an eye on the telly in case I catch a glimpse of my son at ANZAC Cove. Detective
Bought my very first car. Well, signed the purchase, and now I have to wait 3 months before it's availiable.
you used the fruit kiwi rather than the bird kiwi in the cake? is that the error?

These beings got back less than one hour ago, and are slowly reconnecting themselves to the world. Yes, they had a wonderful time, even if they had far too little snow... rigging up two poleless tents weighing about 500 kgs together does take time... especially when pine branches for sleeping sections have to be harvested and the hay mattresses stuffed...
(Apr-25-2011, 08:49 AM (UTC))joost Wrote: [ -> ]Bought my very first car. Well, signed the purchase, and now I have to wait 3 months before it's availiable.

What EXCITING news...joost-on-wheels!! Dance

Great to hear you had a wonderful time, 'thul beings...reading between the lines, it sounds like a bit of dibbing and dobbing has been happening too, or do you stuff your mattress just for fun? Smiling

Or is that joost-on-wheels-in-waiting? Or on-wheels-in-waiting joost? Big Grin
The mattresses at the winter camp (the ones with hay) are highly traditional, which fits, since the winter camp is the world's oldest winter scouting camp... (dates back to 1934)

Aside from the hay getting everywhere, hay mattresses are very practical, and they're quite comfortable as well...
A far superior sleep to be had on one of those than what I experienced a couple of years back during an on-going downpour-cum-deluge, clothed in wet fabric, upon a wet sleeping bag, atop a wet groundsheet, beside a wet gearbag, in a tent with high sides that had already been pitched by someone else, somewhat downhill...! Down

Another long, long day of driving for me today. The upside is that I picked my son up from the airport (who was glad to be back in Australia and looking forward to seeing a semi-trailer with accompanying cattle in crates!) and so have happily spent the last seven to eight hours driving home consuming disgusting quantities of Belgian chocolate and Turkish Delight from Istanbul.
I am disgusted in our Australian TV channels forgoing coverage of the royal wedding for games of Aussie Rules and rugby league! I am missing history!! Rant

The media were falling all over themselves to cover William's visit here during the flood and cyclone clean-up...! Rant

Not that I'm a royal follower or anything (I only found out that Diana had died when my sister phoned and told me a month after the fact P) but...I don't know...he's our future king, marrying his future queen for crying out loud! He's like a real-life *Farseer spoiler*

^ premature rant...the good old ABC came to the rescue and I am once again well immersed in all of the pomp and ceremony! Yay
Hah...I'm more in the anti-royal wedding camp. Not that I have anything against the couple, I just think the whole event is ridiculously over-hyped, overly dramatized, and way too expensive. One big, lavish, capitalizing, government funded show, is all it is to me. I'm actually surprised you found it somewhat difficult to find coverage on television. It's all they talk about on the news here, ignoring every other important news report to comment on Kate's dress. It'd drive me insane if I only ever watched tv, or local news, all that much.

And I think I will stop there before I continue on into a long-winded, unproductive rant. Whistling