Full Version: What's happening in your world?
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It's fourteen degrees here and I feel like I will never be warm again...brrr...and it's still another two days until winter!

I think I may have to migrate a little further north...Boat

14.9 degrees here. in the shade.
Oooh I got back just in time to make Farseer feel even colder!

4.4 degrees here! Wink

(OUTside that is!)
It's Nuytsia...hello! Slurp

Yes, you can have the Tassie weather all to yourself...I don't want to live there any more...!! Big Grin
Mustering camels here way to inject some excitement into an otherwise windy, cloudy and overall gloomy day!
Drinking hot chocolate!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Not as exciting as mustering camels, but yummier!
Having tasted camel, I concur...a hot chocolate is a far superior and yummier choice! Big Grin

I am looking forward to getting stuck into all of the new posts now that I am home from my crazy jaunt around the state (though maybe tomorrow, after a bit of a snooze! Sleeping ).
The rats are coming...

So far we've only had seventeen dead ones carted up on to the concrete by our Jack Russells but they are on their way in plague proportions. We initially thought that they were the first comers from the plague that has been raging in the south, after the floods earlier in the year, but they are actually heading down to us from the north.

I'm not sure I like being in the middle of the two groups...where are pecksies when you need them?!
rats are most annoying... these beings had one of them running around their house a few years ago. It moved throughout the entire house, and gnawed halfway through a wooden wall, in two places at that.
I spent the last week doing volunteers work on a boat trip to Germany on the Rhine with 'De zonnebloem'. 'De zonnebloem' (sunflower) is a Dutch organisation which organises various events for handicapped people. My job on the boat was to help people during city trips (we visited Cologne (with an organ concerto at the Dom!), Andernach, Koblenz and Düsseldorf), clean the boat, help the nursing staff by monitoring room calls, sell souvenirs, being a listening ear for people who wanted to talk, and various generic jobs. It is quite intensive work, but really rewarding to see people who don't spend much time outside nursing homes have the time of their lives.