Full Version: What's happening in your world?
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^ Sounds fantastic and definitely a rewarding way to spend the week - bravo, joost! Clapping
Hey what sort of rats are they Farseer?
I used to think that all the mouse plagues I saw footage of on the news were like the regular 'house mouse' but then I found out sometimes it's different types of native mice. Fun fact! (?)

I've never spent much time in areas that get such plagues so never really seen it....... we did however once stay for about 6 weeks in an old house and you could hear the rats running in the roof at night - eep!!!! I WISH I had my cats with me then! (but didn't have any pets at that time cos we were poor scummy renters who couldn't have pets)
I'm not generally worried by animals of any sort, but I WAS a little squeamish at the thought of a wild rat getting into the room while I was asleep.... pet rats are fine though.

Yuk that reminds me of a HUGE bonus of living in Tasmania - no cockroaches!!!!! (too cold). UGH in Perth no matter what you did it seemed there were always some SOMEWHERE and outside lived the HUGE ones that FLEW! Sometimes they would get in the house. Gross!

Joost that sounds excellent!!!
These beings had an interesting day today...

Got considerably further on a custom wooden box for a board game (Settlers of Catan), had lots of rain, and heard what they thought was a semi-loud thunderclap from several kilometers away.

An hour or so later, they learned it was most certainly not a thunderclap. It was a bomb.
Stay safe, 'thul.
(Jul-22-2011, 06:43 PM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]An hour or so later, they learned it was most certainly not a thunderclap. It was a bomb.


Having escaped it unscathed I hope you beings did not happen to be camping or having a picnic on a certain island any time soon after the bomb-that-was-not-a-thunderclap went off (knowing you are all sometimes prone to camp in groups with young people)?

Yes, 'thul beings, stay safe. I enjoy debating with you far too much to want to stop now... Grouphug

*worries from across the big water*

Considering that these beings generally disagree with the policies of that political party, there is no fear of that.

They do, however intend to go camping somewhat to the southeast around the end of the month... There's that little scout camp down in southern Sweden this year... About 38,000 participants...
That's good news, 'thul. Very good news. Slurp

Ah, yes, not long now until the Jamboree. Only around thirty-eight thousand? Not too many for you beings to manage single-handedly then?

These beings are only going to visit it... They do not have the need to do anything else...
Another long day in the car yesterday, having arrived home a bit before 2am this morning. Along the way, one of my sons informed me that, in the last five years, I have managed to "circumnavigate the earth seven and a half times"... Blink ...and that's only in the vehicle I was driving at the time. Apparently I am still a little way off from having circumnavigated Jupiter even once though...

Farseer, doing her bit to contribute to global warming! Innocent
Even if you sat in one spot you'd still circumnavigate the earth.