Full Version: What's happening in your world?
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If it is, it is a coincidence. These being have not seen Doctor Who.

It is based more generally on the various extremely mighty, yet generally equally distant spirits that appear in a lot of fantasy. Any beings with enough power over time itself to be considered its lords, are so far beyond humanity that comparison is nigh on impossible.
That stick looks great! It must take great patience and if I had a hat, I'd take it off to you!
Well, I have reached a kind of "end of an era" and I find that I am experiencing a strange sense of relief (and tiredness, as though I can suddenly relax!) now that my second eldest son has completed his secondary schooling. While he will head to university next year for four years, a burden has been lifted now that I have seen he and his older brother through their schooling...a triumph made all the sweeter knowing that I taught each of them here at home for the first eight years of their schooling 'careers'.

Of course, there is still my daughter to teach, and many more years to get through, Book but my sons were almost like twins in many ways and so it feels like a door closing with one finishing last year and the other this. A nice feeling complete a leg of an exhausting task that I set myself so very long ago. Sleeping

Hopefully the next couple of years ahead will see me able to take down the 'Home Sweet Home' sign that's hanging in my car... Smiling
Clapping Well done to you and your boys! I was relieved when my son left school. He wasn't the most avid of pupils and I really did despair at times! I remember quite clearly bursting into tears when he informed me of his exam results (I was at work at the time..embarrassing!) more through shock and relief than anything else because he really had done quite well. Ah well, no-one ever said it was gonna be easy.
Just letting you know that I split the thread and put the posts re jewellery into a new one, RotE Jewellery. That way we can chat about it more without fear of spoilers. Smiling
I spoke about this elsewhere at one time but must say it again...there must be a breakdown in our education system when people walk around in our society ignorant of simple facts of our world, or without the ability to read, write or communicate the basics.

It is such a sad thing to me to have spent all of these years teaching the fundamentals to my children only to come across three men, in the same group of three, who do not know that the Moon does not give off its own light. Nor can they then think from where the light source comes...

Humans. Pitiable creatures. Elderlings are so much easier to deal with.

I emailed and tweeted Mervi earlier today regarding problems with a crash with the forums. Did it truly crash (My BB), and so none of you have been able to get on either?
Indeed it did.
Thanks ' email is down now so I can't view any replies that may be there from Mervi, and the whole tweet thing is way beyond me (it was my first tweet and likely my last! P). Great we're back up and running...thanks Mervi! Clapping