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Broken this and broken that. So many things that can break.

These beings have gotten one major step further on the walking stick.
Yesterday they built the capping on the bottom end. first they acquired materials (obviously), then they screwed a large washer wrapped in plastic coated steel wire onto the end (using four screws), further wrapping that into the stick by tightening the wires against four screws somewhat higher on the stick, eventually wrapping the entire bottom section in steel wire.

The next step, both to harden, to protect and to unsharpen the end, they coated the bottom on a few layers of a special homemade mixture of wood adhesive, iron filings and a little of another glue type. Left to dry and rotated fairly regularly till it stopped being drippy, this dried overnight. The end result is a good, hard endcap that does not scratch the floor.
The endcap mix was surprisingly hard and cooperative. These beings will test it this weekend to see how well it holds up and if it needs to be improved for the final version. These beings had no idea when mixing it up whether it would work well.
'thul, I will forever after have a more acute appreciation for the work that goes into producing a walking stick endcap! P

Other than that, I am sitting in the passenger seat of our car as my family and I make our way through pouring rain...only another 550kms to go to get back home...if the roads are open and if we don't get stuck on the dirt road that covers the final leg of our journey! Boat We just may be sleeping right here in the car tonight while caught between creeks...

And then have to come back and do the entire 1200km trip all again in three days...

Now that is a long road trip.
A distance I drive far too often, 'thul, so it's nothing to me really....all what you're used to I guess.

I am heading to my bed after reaching home in pretty good time...but looking forward to catching up on some things here tomorrow. Yay
It is fortunate for you that you do not utilize bicycles for the trips. That would have been most time-consuming.
Funny that you should say that 'thul beings!

We once had someone from a city down south ring up for a job (we usually have two jackeroos here on staff at all times). When my husband asked if he had a car (so that he could get in and out of town whenever he wanted to on weekends etc), the young man replied, "No, but I have a bicycle." Even when my husband told him just how far from towns we were, he still insisted that he'd be right to ride his pushbike, despite the fact that much of the road to the north and the majority of the road to the south is mere dirt, not bitumen! Big Grin

We've put up our Christmas tree today. Black tree with green trimmings...otherwise known as the 'Slytherin tree' P
(Dec-09-2011, 10:22 PM (UTC))fool-ish Wrote: [ -> ]We've put up our Christmas tree today. Black tree with green trimmings...otherwise known as the 'Slytherin tree' P

Pictures!? Magic

I'll try Valarya. I'm a proper technophobe when it comes to this sort of thing! Blushing
These beings pondered on setting up a tree, but figured that the mass of needles dropping from it would be less than preferable.
They will rather wait till near christmas itself with it.