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Having to go shopping tomorrow would have been much, much worse! As it is, I had the day off today, so Christmas eve will be my own to do whatever I please. I'm working Christmas day this year, so eating, drinking and merriment will be put on hold until late afternoon...never fear, I'll make up for lost time! P
These beings are going work this evening. Only for a short time, but well worth it. (seeing as it is nearly 0300, it is "this evening" rather than "tomorrow evening"
Much as I feel slightly disgruntled about having to work Christmas day, it will be worth it for me also, pay-wise Smiling
These beings worked for maybe 15-20 minutes Christmas eve. (yes, it was about 1850 in the evening)

Pay was equivalent of about 82 Australian dollars or 64 euros.
I'm not sure what that is in pounds sterling but it sounds pretty good for 20 minutes work!
about 54 pounds.
(Dec-26-2011, 05:22 PM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]about 54 pounds.
That's about a day's pay for me, give or take a couple of pounds. Clearly, I'm in the wrong the job! Undecided
Too bad that kind of work (with same pay) is only available one day per year.
I'm becoming increasingly concerned that my front window isn't going to hold up to the battering it's currently receiving from the wind! It's bowing inwards quite alarmingly and the torrential rain isn't helping matters, makes it sound twice as bad! Blink
These beings can listen to the entire roof creaking, but fortunately it is highly unlikely it will take damage, as the entire house is well-built. Roughly a wooden beam of something like 18x18cm every meter or so. The foundations are in excess of 75cm thick. The rest of the house is of similar strength.