Full Version: What's happening in your world?
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Temperatures dropped dramatically last night and this morning it was very slippery under foot. Now it's milder again and pouring with rain. Typical, erratic British weather! Undecided
These beings have now gone back to university, and thus have gotten a slight temperature drop, down to a more comfortable -8.2C.
Soon these beings will fry up a couple of pieces of whale beef for their dinner. The taste of that will be magnificent.
Whale beef? Blink Can't say I'd fancy that much...but then, I'm a vegetarian so I wouldn't really would I? P

Damp and miserable here, as usual
Sometimes you fight against the current knowing that no good can come from giving in and then, after an age of fighting, you just finally 'accept' and let yourself be taken away...only to almost immediately be churned up and thrown out by the inevitable waterfall, and into the rushing river and rocks knew they were there, you knew they were coming but just for a moment you let yourself be lulled by others into that horrid thing called a 'false sense of security'...!

I saw my husband weep yesterday. Crying Three times. Crying Crying Crying Such a sight is not something a wife should ever have to see when she is powerless to change the situation that prompted them.

Life changes (too much sometimes!) and it seems there is naught we can do but to change with it and "choose to chance the rapids and dare to dance the tide". Boat Dance Pity I forgot to either learn to swim, dance, read the tides or don a life jacket...but hopefully I'll dry off in the next few months...

Funny that 2012 is not only The Year of the Dragon, but specifically The Year of the Water Dragon. Apt that.

Come on February so I can drown in the memories instead...! Clapping Book

(Jan-08-2012, 05:55 PM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]These beings have now gone back to university

Are you beings studying anything that we humans may be interested in?

Probably not.
Farseer Blink Hope you and yours are ok.

I know of Geology, can't say I've ever heard of Geomatics, 'thul.
geologists generally care what sort of rock it is, geomaticists care more about where it is and what to label it as. (example, that is)
Understood (I think)
(Jan-11-2012, 11:49 AM (UTC))fool-ish Wrote: [ -> ]Farseer Blink Hope you and yours are ok.

Yes, thanks fool-ish, all will be well (I hope!). Please forgive my previous riddly, self-absorbed and aimless natterings!

As for geomatics, I'd say that this human is very interested...sounds fascinating 'thul! Smiling

When you say that you have "gone back to university", do you mean that you have just had a break between semesters, or that you have been out in the world doing your thing for a time but have now decided to go back and do some study? I have a feeling that it's the former but sometimes the language of you beings is difficult for we mere humans to interpret. P
It is the former.