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Hmm, it can also be hazardous to pedestrians! I very nearly lost my footing on the way home from work. Thankfully I remained upright, it could have been a most humiliating moment when I consider the number of people who would have made up my audience!

It actually felt and looked like 'normal' rain. However, it wasn't melting any of the snow left from last weekend and it was still perishingly cold. Odd. Undecided
these beings have access to some decent anti-slip gear for use on ice and such... they have never slipped while wearing them. of course, being crampons, or a framework with ten 3-5cm steel spikes on each foot, might have something to do with it.

Claws are also rather useful to avoid slipping.
(Feb-06-2012, 02:06 PM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]Cars frozen shut like described above typically happens more often when temperatures are near zero than when they are deeply chilled. of course, it happens more often with freezing rain, where it rains, yet temperature is subzero.
I hadn't used my car in a few days. Some of the snow that was on the roof melted and the ice water dripped down right over the lock, where it froze again. There was some ice around the hinges too. Oddly only the driver seat door was affected, all other doors opened without any problems.

It's still a very nice temperature here. During the day a comfortable -3/-5C (26F), and in the night it drops to around -10C (12F). It's only a bit chilly when there's a lot of wind.
It be a slightly warm -5C here. was a more comfortable -12C about 24 hrs ago.
(is there anyone here using temperature scales other than Celsius/Kelvin, or can all here drop the "C" on the end?)
(Feb-10-2012, 10:06 AM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]It be a slightly warm -5C here. was a more comfortable -12C about 24 hrs ago.
(is there anyone here using temperature scales other than Celsius/Kelvin, or can all here drop the "C" on the end?)

We idiots in America still use the blasted Fahrenheit scale. As well as the idiotic scale OTHER than metric. So stupid, but there it is... what I understand.

You're insane to think -12C (10F) is comfortable, btw. Blink

We're having an extremely mild winter. It has been sitting around 50F (10C) most days and is still too cold, lol.
(Feb-10-2012, 02:30 PM (UTC))Valarya Wrote: [ -> ]You're insane to think -12C (10F) is comfortable, btw. Blink
If the air's dry and there's (almost) no wind, -12 is a really nice temperature, although I wouldn't call it comfortable either, comfortable for me in those circumstances would be -5.

I tried biking on wednesday without gloves. Not a good idea, as it was -9 and windy. My fingers nearly froze off.
Blink I could have done with some walking on ice gear this morning too! My baby steps down the hill turned into a weird sort of dance when I stumbled upon an invisible patch of would have made an even better spectacle than yesterday's near-miss if anyone happened to be watching! It's not good at all, I'm convinced I'll sustain a fracture before winter's through. Roll on spring!
Damn damn damn my laptop crashed. Since my loyal companion, my ipod, was synchronised with my laptop I have to add all my audiobooks, music, pics and videos to itunes on my pc. I'll be busy for a while :S
I feel your pain's happened to me at least three times in as many months. Down
Do you have it just as bad??? How did you solve it to get it twice again??? Jeroen closed the laptop (not closed windows) and when he opened it, it didn't go back on. When we now press the power switch we see 1 light turn on, hear the drive turn once and then it stops and the light turns dark again. That's as far as it goes.