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(Feb-14-2012, 09:00 PM (UTC))Gielske Wrote: [ -> ]Do you have it just as bad??? How did you solve it to get it twice again??? Jeroen closed the laptop (not closed windows) and when he opened it, it didn't go back on. When we now press the power switch we see 1 light turn on, hear the drive turn once and then it stops and the light turns dark again. That's as far as it goes.

I'm going to assume it's fully charged, or at least plugged in to the wall, while getting this problem?

If so, then it could be the power supply. Kind of works like a battery on a car can. If it's on and running, it's fine... but turn it off and it might just be dead, not to turn on again.

might it be filled with dust and debris in the air fans? A few years ago these beings had a laptop go into emergency shutdown because of insufficient cooling...
Technology...great while it works but a pain in the derriere when it conks out!

Goodness, I'm full of wisdom tonight...not! Uhhuh
(Jan-17-2012, 05:45 AM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: [ -> ]Other than that, university is all but sorted with my son (Hulk) having received and accepted his offer for both the course and on-campus accommodation. Now it's just a matter of dishing out the dollars. Hopefully we will be helped out with a scholarship in that regard but we're yet to find out the result.

Heading off shortly...driving six hours to the coast to catch a two-hour flight, jumping on a shuttle bus to Parliament House in my state's capital, attending a presentation with my son who did end up receiving this scholarship Yay, back on the shuttle bus, the plane and then back in the car to come home...all in the one day. Sleeping

Catch you all then. I know you'll all play nice in my absence. Wink I rarely get to use the winky guy so had to say something so that I could! P

@ 'thul: Sorry! Feel free to share if you need feedback before I return!!

The battery has a buttom for power check. All LED's light up, so it's full and the power supply has both been plugged in an pulled out.

I didn't think about the van. I'll check that...

We have an external hard drive where most of my files are. But my bo used to save his schoolfiles on an usb stick, but he stopped doing that about a half year ago. So he's screwed if we don't get the files back.
(Feb-15-2012, 07:00 AM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: [ -> ]@ 'thul: Sorry! Feel free to share if you need feedback before I return!!

hmm... these beings cannot quite figure out what this was about... share what?
I would never have thought it could be, but I complained so much at work today, I actually got on my own nerves! It's quite something, I think, to do that to oneself. Blink

Where my 'keep calm and carry on' went, I've no idea!
I think my laptop problems are caused by windows updates. Yesterday I updated this PC before shutting down. This morning it wouldn't start up until I had restored to a point before the updates. Getting more and more frustrated with windows. Maybe I'll have to decide to switch to linux
What sort of things do you use the computer for? do you have any uses that cannot easily be done on linux?

These beings use Ubuntu on their laptop computer (and windows on the main computer), and find that fairly easy to use when not trying to run heavier stuff (which the laptop couldn't handle anyways)
I use it for the internet, itunes, writing my novel and pictures and videos of Honey (my Malinois). Jeroen uses it for school, internet and games like need for speed.