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Its mostly voluntary, though...

anyways, 'thul have now been looking around a bit for places that sell large knife blades. one of their knives broke recently (low-quality steel), and since the hilt was well-made, they want to buy a new blade rather than a full knife...

not easy to find knife blades sized to fit a 24.5cm hilt.

Yes, that hilt is theoretically long enough for a sword.
A decent smith is hard to come by these days...have you tried Ikea?
they dont deliver knife blades of proper quality, and even the knives they have are equipped with hilt already...

found one smith that produces blades of right size, unfortunately the price was rather stiff... about equivalent of 80 euros or 100 australian dollars...
It be cheaper to go learn how to smith! Buy a new knife and have done with it..human logic, see
Its not that easy to get hold of big, strong knives... 'thul are looking for a knife that has a blade length above 25cm and that is strong enough to chop branches off trees, while still being useable for other things... The problem with learning smithcraft and doing it oneself would be to first find a place that does it relatively close by (couldn't find one), then get both money to pay for the training and to get the materials, then find the time to do it.
Until those parameters are met, it is a practical impossibility to smith one's own blade. Unfortunately. Even more likely is that the course price is even steeper.
At least the producer of that knife make all the blades himself. no mass-produced goods.
I'd never have mentioned Ikea if I realised what sort of knife you required..not one for chopping onions obviously! Seems like a sword is what's needed
the last blade on that knife worked perfectly for anything from de-branching small trees, chopping smallwood for lighting fire to cutting onions, sausages or cake.
Oh, it also worked well for chopping up cabbage, though that made a fair bit of noise when smashed down.
(Feb-23-2012, 12:08 AM (UTC))fool-ish Wrote: [ -> ]A decent smith is hard to come by these days...

I would love to do a blacksmithing course or apprenticeship! It is high on my to-do list.

EDIT: God of fishes, I can't even write a two-sentence post without having to make an edit! Big Grin

These beings tried smithing once and liked it. Given the chance to try again, they would.

Too hot a profession!