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There are quite a few TLA's out there... (Three-Letter-Abbreviations) but you can probably guess which one is 'thul's favorite...
(May-07-2012, 11:53 PM (UTC))Valarya Wrote: [ -> ]But if he says 'FML' then you might have cause to worry, rofl.

I'm assuming that it no longer means "Fix my Lighthouse"? Or "Follow my Lead"? Or "Forgot my Lamington"? P Big Grin No, don't tell me...I can guess! Wink

Crikey...I don't think I could communicate effectively with anyone (except maybe fool-ish?! P) if Urban Dictionary didn't exist! Surrender

Aside from acronyms, there's also always a problem when you use a term while not knowing of its original meaning. My same son was playing football at university with his team of fellow teachers-in-training. One bright spark thought they should be known as "The Rock Spiders" seeing as they were all very good players and could get through all of the small cracks within their opposition's defence. This made sense to me, and my son, and we both thought it very clever until my husband read yet another Facebook post that mentioned Rock Spiders...and we discovered that it's apparently a term used to name paedophiles Blink ...and not the most appropriate name to be connected to a group of young would-be male teachers! Ouch Blushing

The lessons we learn in life... 22
Hahah cripes, Farseer. Just don't go hitting the 'random' button on Urban Dictionary. P Far worse things you'll see there then a few acronyms. Whistling
(May-07-2012, 11:53 PM (UTC))Valarya Wrote: [ -> ]But if he says 'FML' then you might have cause to worry, rofl.
What's so bad about fluorometholone?

Anyway, new lego addition built yesterday, will post pictures when I'm at home. For now the official picture:
[Image: towerbridge.png]
Impressive, joost, impressive. Clapping I'm feeling far too unsettled at the moment to even want to attempt something so patience-sapping! Big Grin Looking forward to those pics!
Building was a bit of a challenge: Over 4000 pieces, and where all of the other recent Lego boxes I assembled have a nice 'This is bag 1, start with these pieces' method, this one just had over 30 bags of bricks. After I had to open 10 bags to get the first 10 bricks I decided to throw all the pieces in a big box and assemble it. Occasionally it took me over 5 minutes(!) to find a specific piece. At the end, building took almost 12 hours, but it was lots of fun.
To build something of that size, 'thul would probably have sorted the bricks somewhat. Either by size or more probably by color. It certainly would not have been 30 different sortings.

These beings have for years wished to build the Death star in Lego, scaled according to the star destroyer model. Only problem is that it would probably require a million or so blocks.
(May-08-2012, 09:09 AM (UTC))joost Wrote: [ -> ]this one just had over 30 bags of bricks.

Big Grin

Well, it turned out to be far more impressive work on your part than I thought! WOW!! Thankful
That would be Tower Bridge, London would it not? I do admire your patience joost. Five minutes looking for a brick would have seen me flinging the lot across the room! Nevertheless, I look forward to seeing the product of all your hard work and infinite patience Big Grin
Yes, it's the Tower bridge. If I'm not mistaken it's the second-largest set (in number of pieces) that Lego has ever released (only the Taj Mahal, with 6000 bricks, is bigger).

[Image: tower1.jpg]
[Image: tower2.jpg]
[Image: tower3.jpg]